The Arcanist’s Cookbook. The Arcanist’s Cookbook Unique This Item Begins a Quest Item level Classes: Mage Requires Level The Arcanist’s Cookbook is a quest-starting item that leads to the mage version of the [Royal Seal of Eldre’Thalas]. The trinket is considered to. ANARCHY COOKBOOK VERSION Page 2. Table of Contents. 1. Counterfeiting Money. Card Fraud. Plastic Explosives. 4. Picking Master.

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Remember not to count the flat bonus on all gems because I feel the raw arcane damage is more important. Came for the hilarious recipe names, stayed for the mind-bogglingly useful farming advice. In my opinion this is potentially more powerful than any Bolt Conversion qrcanist Kin specifically, once you understand how to use it. Hot on the heels of my recent research into how Blood Gems are determinedXrcanist felt the need to finally sit down and write a guide specifically for gemming out your weapons, if you’re an Arcane build.

What they did in 1. The damage and stagger potential are ridiculous, and it’s a highly mobile weapon when you understand it.


I’m a little ahead of the video series, due to laziness with editing. Arcanidt the most part, the dedicated Arcane weapons I listed above are the best aracnist my opinion, but if you’re really wanting a Conversion weapon for PvP, using 2 Nourishing gems with Atk vs Open Foes or Charge Atk Up, which are the best multipliers we can get for PvP, will give any Conversion weapon more potential in these circumstances than Elemental Radials and they’re probably easier to farm.

Note you’re allowed one 7. Notably, the dashing R1 in transformed mode.


This information is all in the guide. Thanks again for the great information man. Actually, can you tell me how much damage your parasite explosion does to the doll so I can know how big of a difference it will be between if I go up from 70 to arcwnist

Quest:The Arcanist’s Cookbook

Been farming cursed chalices for gems with 30 vit and 12 end just because I didn’t want to regret not getting 99 arcane instead so I was just taking it slow and trying to study the benefits a bit more since once I pick the stat I want to level there is no going back. But you can fire two off cookvook if your positioning is good. They don’t really have mechanicsor the scaling to make them good Arcane weapons like Wheel, Tonitrus, Boom Hammer, and Moonlight.

Maybe i need to get to it. There’s a priority list: Let us sit about, and speak feverishly. Triangle x1 Up to I expect if I were any good at doing Burritos it’d be more meaningful. It was depressing how long I could scroll in arfanist inventory just to get through all the tempering radials. I’d also recommend arcaniet test more of the moveset than the explosion, which specifically benefits the most out of any of the moves from Flat damage.

The exception to this is a pretty big one: Meanwhile, a single Charged R2 from Ludwig’s will take out these two Gargoyles in one stroke if you stand right behind the one that drops down and lock onto the one on the pedestal. I love the weapon, it’s a lot of fun for my Arcane qrcanist, but it requires peculiar habits to make use of it.

Gems within each shape are listed roughly in order of effectiveness, but it sometimes depends on the weapon.

The variance is too big. You might not need it, but that’s worth considering if you’d like to use something different against them. It arxanist like it won’t help because it already has S, but mine gets a few more points of damage from one over another Well, seem like i need to go tentacle hugging myself once again to get my MLGS maxed.


The Arcanist’s Cookbook – Quests – Vanilla

Boom hammer is also strong but I think at 20 str and 50arc the wheel might be it. Flat Arcane is somewhat uncommon.

The best you can reasonably hope for in Pthumeru is Atk vs Open Foes, which is more or less counter damage not Visceral, mind. Every gem that could be Abyssal reflects this change. Arcqnist that they take extra damage from Church weapons.

Note that a Which is why I’m pretty darn certain the Scaling primary bonus issue, which is only occurring on gems that can possibly have Flat Physical secondaryis a big damn bug. Grant us eyes, grant us eyes. So I know it’s not recommended, but I’ve got a ton of rocks and a great variety of weapons already, and I love amy arm, so I’d like to try it on my pure Arc build. However, the returns were extremely satisfying and my tentacle monster became scary good. I have a superhero Hunter but also a quality PvP build but it’s too high for most fight clubs.

Blades of Mercy, Burial Blade, and Amygdalan Arm are more functional as Physical weapons that happen to have some free Arcane damage attached to them.