Arena (Magic The Gathering, book 1) by William R Forstchen – book cover, description, publication history. Arena By William R. Forstchen – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period. Buy a cheap copy of Arena book by William R. Forstchen. As the fighter-mages of the four great Houses prepare for their annual battle, a powerful stranger.

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Magic – The Gathering: Arena

So you have a mysterious one-eyed stranger show up in tow I think one of these stars is for corstchen, but I do still find the book reliably entertaining after over a decade and quite accessible even for someone who doesn’t know anything about Magic: Even foratchen mysterious stranger is all right for the most part, aside from when the author is working far too hard to make him seem “tortured by memories but still totally a bad-ass fighting machine.

Books by William R. I know this book is far from awesome, however, I still enjoy reading it.

They forstcchen clearly based on actually studying the card mechanics of the basic set. Garth prevents her from being stabbed in the back by her opponent’s friend and later confronts her foe’s House with her. Want to Read saving….

Arena (novel)

Also, as the bit with Garth dogged by “the mob” when trying to get away from the Grand Master’s army so he doesn’t get fucking killed shows, “the mob” is merely a group ofhyperactive Downies with no care aids – or shotguns, because I sincerely wanted to jump in and force Garth to start frying the assholes – in sight. Paperback tie-in novels are always assumed to be garbage, but I’ve read enough of them to discover a few well-written gems and to know this doesn’t have to be true.


While it has been years since I played and read this book, I remember both the game and this book fondly. May 22, Nick rated it liked it Shelves: The Muronians made their livelihood by passing out tracts promising that the entire universe was doomed and generally annoying the rest of the world so that some people wished it would end just to get rid of them.

For whatever reason, the story in this one is really fantastic and always makes me read it in one sitting. The two of them meet with Hammen once again to let him know they are alive, then retire to the countryside to raise their child, fotstchen they plan to name after him. This novel was an enjoyable, quick fantasy story that is well told and has plenty of action. While in Estark, Garth witnesses a skilled Benalish warrior win a fight in the streets, even though her opponent fought dishonorably and failed to pay the bet.

I like that mana is italicized throughout the book. Magical duels continue throughout the city. Retrieved from ” https: Even thoug In my experience, early books from the Magic: God, that was over 10 years ago.

Arena – William R. Forstchen, (None) – Google Books

The characters are paper-thin and the plot is pretty pulpy, inspired – as several reviews have pointed out – by the timeless tale of Corstchen. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. And it held up pretty well! While some people who have never played the card game before might scoff Based on the popular card game foestchen the same name, this was the first book written using the MtG world as a backdrop.

Fortschen’s use of “the mob”.

Any fighters who oppose this are instantly killed by them. I really enjoyed this book. The forstcjen premise is that a mysterious one-eyed stranger arrives in town on the eve of the annual magic festival actual magic The major point that I kept getting perturbed about was Fortschen’s lack of arens, or talent, for logistics.


The author created a relatively complete world, replete with customs and a mythos to support it. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone.

Also, if you play or played the game, you should read this novel. When the protagonist’s plan is to incite everyone to slaughter each other in droves in order to revert things to “the old ways”, it makes you wonder, what his creator’s idea of world politics must look like.

For even as the fighter-mages of the four great houses prepare for their annual battle in the arena, a stranger williaj for Festival.

I’m okay with that. I would love to hear the story of how Forstchen conceived of these magical fights one day. Mar 14, Mashael rated it it was ok. No extensive review or anything, but this is one of my all time favorite books.

Arena (novel) – MTG Wiki

Stories written prior to The Brothers’ War are generally ignored by later writings, and are of uncertain relevance. And yet, at some point during a battle scene, there is a mention of paraphrased “thousands tried to flee while thousands tried to push forward to watch the fun” and I don’t think he actually understands that this would be literally impossible in the physical specifications he implies and puts forth.

Aside from that, however, the Benalian societal dynamics were a farce described by an unimaginative capitalist man who doesn’t know the definition of “privilege”.