High-energy frequencies are used, and in AROLO TIFAR©®, coded quartz and At this level, the work of the digital code symbols learned in AROLO I and II is. Arolo Tifar is an ancient Atlantean healing method that was rediscovered by Eckard Strohm and put back into practice in the early ‘s. “Arolo Tifar” are. Arolo – Tifar was the old name of Atlantis Healing System, where Arolo represent the levels one and two and Tifar represent the mastership.

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El sitio web oficial de Pamela Field es: Plato named this cycle the Cosmic Year. At the first and second level, the analysis explores the five fields of the body with a series of digital codes or mudras one for each field. It is arolk because it originates from the civilization of Atlantis.

How might information about a karmic process assist an individual?

It is very important that before each treatment to wrolo the testing so that on one hand we have to know on which level we work on and on the other hand we have to start the auto- healing system of the patient.

Matter — considered to be the first level. In man, it is represented by intellect, heart and will and by the divine virtues by the intelligence, love and truth.

It is used on the third chakra of the patient Manipura. Visualize the way the quartz crystal is entering the Ajna chakra and goes to tifat third eye and activates it. This first step was known, learned and used by the entire population. Arolo I Participants will learn how to perform the Arolo analysis and how to offer an Arolo treatment through the implementation of their hands.

Arolo Tifar and Reiki are complementary and extremely beneficial when utilized together in a healing session. This analysis enables the practitioner to determine where the root cause of the illness is located in the material, energetic, emotional, mental or spiritual field so it may be treated directly.

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The quartz crystal is used on only one patient at a time. In the end you breathe one more time through the chakras.

The entire way the crystal made is very bright. Then we are taking the following steps: The main focus of this web site, however, is to present Arolo Tifar to the energy medicine community in the United States.


The practitioner will receive six amethyst cubes: If the tests made at points 13, 14, 15 are positive then these symbols will be used on the cause resulted at point 7! It is formed by four concentric circles that stand for four of the five energetic levels Spirit, Psychic, Energy, and Matter. In kinesiology we can make the following tests: May you use this energy arolp and may you find any symbol necessary.

If we want to test ourselves then all the colored symbols representing the energetic levels tested will be placed in a black square.

When my body is very bright the plus of white energy will be driven into the aura and into the outer energetic fields. Psychic — is green according to the fourth chakra — Anahata 4. It is established the unique cause of the energetic un-harmonies 7. Where aroo arm is weaker that is the real cause of the affection. It turned out that Jim’s grandparents wrolo immigrants. The exercise is taking at first 5 minutes then we prolong it by another 5 minutes every day until we reach a maximum time period of 30 minutes.

If there is the same letter both on the inner level and on the outer level then the cause of the energetic un-harmony is at the same time a problem. After an undetermined time period according to each individual during which the Initiate was receiving the energy, he worked with it, he knew what he could do with it, he opened a new perception horizon, a higher step of understanding himself, the others and the Universe.


Once determined, channelled energy is directed to that field to unblock and balance the individual at every level of their being. According to their level of action there are three kinds of substances: The symbols of colors used in the pyramid allow both the patient and the therapist to see differently the energy on various levels of the human body. Arolo is considered the active part of Reiki.

Arolo-Tifar – The Healing Art of the Atlantean Masters

aroko The root factor was the genetic inheritance of a deeply rooted mental fear for survival. So, the triangle is the symbol also of the Divinity and of the harmoniously evolved man. Circle – represents the Spirit and it is black because on white is not visible. This is extremely important because the symptoms are always visible and the root cause is generally not. There are two analyses: It will differentiate between the root cause and the symptoms. You use the amethyst on Sahashara asking for initiation in the Atlantis energy.

It will also activate areas that are sluggish or limited in some way. Test the necessity of cleaning the aura. We place the crystal on the Ajna chakra of the patient. If the tests made at points 14, 15, 16 are positive then these symbols will be used on the cause resulted at testing.

Arolo Tifar – the active part of Reiki – Atlantis Arolo Tifar

They will experience new dimensions in their own spiritual development. The purpose of the diagnosis is to determine in which field the root is located and to indicate what secondary fields are affected. We are supposing that the Matter has resulted weak in testing.