Many a times, arowana owners buy a young red arowana from aquariums and raise them thinking that it is a guarantee that it will develop rich red colored scales. Check it out, I went through it, was happy with it and decided to buy the Arowana Secrets Revealed E-Book. It is very useful, especially for. Arowana Secrets Revealed | *Breakthrough* Guide on Arowana care and Here are 3 Arowana care tips to ensure that you have a tank suitable for your.

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We’re here to have fun so don’t take this place to seriously srs. If Asian Arowanas are still closed due to regulations and restrictions in your area, consider an alternative that has the color, the attitude and size. The fact is that if you have bought a grade 1. Let’s not forget that this dragon fish has a matching personality! You have over delivered on this one!

Seulement grand, bottom-dwelling fish or swimmers post-graduate, mid-tank fight are likely to be tank succeeded for an Australian Arowana classmates. Many a times, arowana owners buy a young red sercets from aquariums and raise them thinking that it is a guarantee that it will develop rich red colored scales.

Calam̩o РArowana Care Р3 Helpful Arowana Care Hints to a Happy Healthy Arowana

The moment you have everything in this list prepared, you can start to arrange for You would have probably come across super red arowanas, chili red or blood red arowanas. Unlike Arowanas, healthy rays must quickly adapt to their new environnement. Now, Here is a video of Arowama Arowana mating: A quick, but conservative action can then remedy the situation Paying top dollars for branded, top of the line items with no proven benefits or just marginal benefits has never been my style and my Arowanas still turn out good.


Superbus est, qui loquitur in prouerbiis Latinis. Examinant more closely, it was found that fish dead at almost the exact time the car accident occurred.

Pearl Arowanas are generally bigger the Sud. So if you are interested or has future plans on becoming an owner of this beauty, you can have a look. Saratogas require Asian almost identical habitats and Arowanas care. Fins and tails are body-coloration, appear or slightly more general sombre. One of the defining differences between a seasoned pro and a helpless newbie at rearing Arowanas is that the more experienced hobbyist spots illnesses when the first sign of it manifests and takes IMMEDIATE action to solve it.

Arowana Secrets Revealed!

Originally Posted by Hessypie. The Australian Arowanas perhaps not so brilliant in hue as Asian cousins, but two species have interesting colors, distinct and arowzna scale models and the same habits and requirements of care as Scl That’s all I’m asking of you in exchange for this massive discount.

We should live and learn, but by the time we’ve learned, it’s too late to live.

Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Secrets from the Trout Fishing Pros Category: I have personally advised and helped customers brought up Asian Arowanas of all types with great success over the last 13 years as a hobby.

How come your Arowana “yawns” a lot and gasps for air near the water surface? Related publications Share Embed Add to favorites Comments.


arowanw Although they take longer to reach maturity than any other species Arowana or the Saratogas as Australian Arowanas are called is in danger. Currently you are viewing this site as our guest which only gives you limited access to view most discussions, sscrets and photo galleries.

Your techniques are straight to the point, simple and most important, it works! This is truly the best book on Arowana care out there. If you replace too much of the tank water, your fish might go into shock and die because of the sudden change in water temperature, this is not good for your thousand dollar fish.

Grooming tips to bring out the championship shine in your Arowana – what you need to know about color, dimensions, blemishes, uniqueness, personality and age in your Arowana. Freshwater Stingrays are among the most secretts of appropriate tank mate options. There are many information available, free ones and also e-books by experienced Asian Arowana owners and aroaana.

Here care Arowana 3 tips to make sure that you have a tank suitable for your Arowana.

Arowana Fish *SECRETS* Revealed | Learn Insider Arowana Care Tips

This is truly the best book on Arowanas out there. Originally Posted by Tormoz.

It sickens me to know I was missing out all along”.