Read Sweetwater customer reviews for Arturia MiniBrute Analog Synthesizer. Rated / 5 by 23 customers!. Announced in January , the MiniBrute created quite a buzz at Winter NAMM and in the electronic music world. Not only was it the first new. Enter Arturia’s MiniBrute, a true hardware analogue mono synth MiniBrute has only one oscillator, but if that immediately makes you think it.

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You can play with one hand aeturia changing are aWith the other hand or modulate both hands if the MIDI synth is controlled It’s really good to play the MiniBrute. The filter is of the switchable multi-mode variety, offering low, high and band-pass, as well as a notch option, plus resonance capable of self-oscillation.

Arturia Minibrute 2 Semi-Modular http: From the classical guitar, I adapt MiniBrute of sounds with guitar sounds to create a happy marriage. It can also synchronise itself with the arpeggiator. It would have been very useful to have had a way to change their relative rates, but scarcity of panel real-estate and cost may have precluded this.

Arturia MiniBrute review | MusicRadar

You can also have smooth sounds, you worry! A nice touch is the Tap tempo button for matching the Arp speed to a real-time source – holding down the Tap button switches minibgute relative mode for more accuracy. At extreme settings the result is harsh and clangourous, but subtler variations are easily dialled-in as well.

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Control cutoff by aftertouch is probably improved. Beginners Value For Money: Just a straightforward, hands-on, “knobby” analog mono synth.

But this reveals the true heart of the MiniBrute – for those brought-up on synths with multiple presets and built-in effects, the MiniBrute might seem like a step back into the dark ages, even if the upside is the possibility of sonic originality. Keyboard – 25 note semi-weighted, with aftertouch assignable to Cutoff or Vibrato amount. minibryte

User reviews: Arturia MiniBrute – Audiofanzine

The final, but important, playback element is the arpeggiator. As is with monophonic, we forget the pads and strings.

PWM is a classic way to fatten-up single oscillator synth designs. Lets soft sounds and vintage, are the aggressive and modern Lightweight keyboard with aftertouch 2 octaves. Special mention to the manual, simple, clear, comprehensive and didactic.

Sounds really stand out and have a real life side. As against the Minibrhte opens the way to all the trials and there can applaud with both hands. A little trick that I like, and I just started to really use is the audio input. There minubrute no embedded in the MiniBrute effect, personally Arruria just glue it a slight reverb and that’s enough. Below you have a knob for the tune. This defect only affected one set of production and the problem is now set for the new units. It is minibrte open to the outside synth: The MiniBrute falls into the traditional discrete VCO design camp, but includes some interesting additions that take its sound-generating capabilities beyond what, at first glance, appears to be a modern take on Roland’s classic SH The Ultrasaw is also beautiful.


Even if one can roughly imitate the sound of a clarinet, it will look more like a clarinet sound out of a Game Boy instead of the Berlin Philharmonic.


Our Verdict A great little synth, which manages to pack a lot of agturia into its modest frame. The Oscillator mixer section, consisting of six sliders, provides the best overview of what’s on offer.

wrturia And it also holds its own in comparing its sound with that of beloved mono synths of yesteryear, and it even goes beyond the limits of the architecture of most s subtractive synths, making the MiniBrute both a unique homage to the past as well as a new and creative interpretation of it. Date Produced – It is quite amusing and instructive to try to imitate known sounds: Easier to use and I fell in love with modifiers signals and the gross factor.

Then a LFO part and a basic arpeggiator but can already have fun. I never use cards included in the box to record the sound setting. Have you tried many other models before buying it? With a little experience we find very quickly that you seek.