There are 10 sefirot, linked in a complex figure that some have called the “Tree of Life sefirot As you can see from the diagram, the attributes of God are highly. Kabbalah: The 10 sefirot. A Kabbalistic concept explaining the multiplicity of God’s manifestations in the world helps us see how God is truly. If your browser cannot read Image Maps, you may access the files via the following menu: Ein Sof, the Unknowable Infinite · Keter, the Divine Crown · Hokhmah.

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Sefirot – Wikiwand

The Left side of the Sefirot structure is the side of power and strict justice, the values embodied in the Sefirah of Din. And it is to the contrary with the Taamim of the Torah, where all who attain them receive this great reward for disclosing them to others.

Keter, the Crown, is the first sefirah. The Light of Grace is only that Light which clothes the Light of Wisdom, encompassing it as an outer covering, for wisdom has no means by which to enter the phase before it is clothed in the garment of Grace, which must be in that phase. Why, then, is this defined by the name Lishma and Lo Lishma vez, meaning for the Torah?

Kabbalah: The Ten Sefirot of the Kabbalah

Thus, we need no prior merit here; and only by virtue of fear of God and the keeping of Mitzvot is one granted the whole wisdom of the Torah. The Light now being received is insufficient to fill the complete vessel. Are not these evils come upon us because our God is not among us? But it is not so with the Light which is clothed in the emanated being. This is so because only the fourth discernment of love extends from the world of Atzilut of Kedusha.

This is the meaning of the saying that the world and the individual are judged by the majority. Corresponding to this is the Female Divine Presence Hebrew: Finally, the third attribute to the fourth attribute, eternal love. The populace has already discussed it pointlessly and it has become unbearable. This is what covers things that Atik Yomin covered.

Previous page Next page. The correspondence of the sefirot with the physical organs of a human:. Thus, sevirot the faith of the last eefirot is whole, since he trusts the Creator with all his property. As for the 22 letter-paths, there must first be an explanation of the three different types of letters in Hebrew. It is indeed true that historians have grown weary contemplating it, and particularly in our generation. This goes on from stage to stage until we find that the fourth stage is the most remotely ddez of all from the Creator; it is the thickest and lowest of all in grade.


Kabbalah expounds on the names of the sefirot and their nuances, including their gematria numerical valuesin order to reach an understanding of these emanations of God’s essence. Since a change appeared in the “middle point”, due to the departure of fez light, it was inevitable that immediately there should be revealed the three minor preliminary grades of the will to receive, each smaller than the other, according to the grade of difference existing in each.

Chokhmah heads the right column of the tree, metaphorically speaking the “Pillar of Mercy”, associated with the Hebrew letter Shin, the fire element, and the male aspect.

This is because every sorrow and grief has now been turned into a wonderful, endless pleasure. These three attributes are discernible in every person.

Although there must necessarily be injected a semblance of diversity of phase between “He” and “His Name”, as we are taught above, nevertheless this diversity is utterly indiscernible there. Thus, the handmaid is heir to her mistress. The Talmud cites an odd event which is entirely contrary to the law, saying that if she gives the marriage money or ring to him, and he expresses the rez phrase ‘You shall by this become betrothed to setirot, etc.

And one who studies not for the Mitzva of studying Torah, because he does not believe in reward and punishment in that measure, to labor so for it, but exerts only for his own pleasure, sdfirot becomes a potion of death for him, since for him, the Light in it is turned to darkness.

However, both think that the secrets of the Torah must be covered, and the Taamim of the Torah must be disclosed. And one who has not been awarded in this life will be granted in the next life, etc. In this study it is possible to err and think that the Endless Light, which is named “He” is not entirely united with the Endless which is named “His Name”, which refers to the will to receive.

In the phrase “He restricted Himself in His Middle Point”, the Middle Point” is so named because it is the vessel of recipiency for the Endless light, Which is beyond measure and beyond boundary. However, if you are still engaged in learning Lo Lishmabut hope to merit Lishma by this means, then I ask you: This depiction shows the successive nature of each of the 10 sefirot, as a downward chain, each more removed from Divine consciousness.

This question was posed to the Rivash 14th century: But certainly, it is to caution him to examine his ways and try with another Rav or in another portion. Hence this “vessel” is designated as a point within and in the middle of that “Endless Light”, with the light uniting with it, encompassing it, and circling it endlessly, because only in this manner is it possible for the middle Point to hold the Supreme light, Which is immeasurable and limitless.


They are next found in the Sefer Bahir, one of the earliest treatises of Kabbalah-proper. Every single Partzuf de Kedusha of holiness consists of ten Sefirot. Hence, engagement in Lo Lishma is considered a helping handmaid, who assists and performs the ignoble works for her mistress, the Holy Divinity.

The Ten Sefirot: Introduction – GalEinai – Revealing the Torah’s Inner Dimension

If he commits one sin, woe unto him, for he has sentenced himself and the whole world to a seflrot of sin. There is no dispute on the first opinion, but only examination of the different meanings between them. The minute, indiscernible evil that exits in Beria extends from the third discernment of love, which is unconditional.

The different realms Tikkun are characterized by lower lights and stronger vessels.

The Talmud further points out that this is only permissible when the groom is highly meritorious. In His way, all the revelations come to us from perfection to the imperfect.

Then he rejoices and delights in the number of years of life that the Creator has granted him, and the whole world is rewarding for him. Hence, one feels the wonderful benefit contained in the Thought of Creation, which is to delight His creatures with His full, good, and generous hand.

Does he not trust the entire world? The building blocks of Kabbalistic terminology are the ten sefirot. This is because the Light in it is clothed in the clothing of the Creator — the Holy Names and the Sefirot. The left column is headed by Binah and is called the “Pillar of Severity.

Even those who favor this study permit it only to holy ones, servants of the Creator. There was no space that had in it a defect or inferiority which required any kind of correction or improvement for its perfection, because the Exalted Light filled the Endless World completely. That is what the author means when he says that before the universe was createdthe Endless World did not contain an inkling of this vacuum.