Order the Atera Bicycle Carrier Strada Sports M3 – for 3 Bicycles online quickly and at low cost. The largest official Atera dealer – 1x ATERA Extension 3 & 4 bikes ATERA Extension 3 & 4 bikes Sport 3/ M 3/E-Bike. 5 LITRE CASTROL EDGE TITANIUM FST™ 0W A3/B4. Atera Strada Sport M 2+Extension 3. Bike+Rail Products with top quality and for a favourable price in our shop. Fast shipping and more than products.

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Atera Bicycle Carrier Strada Sports M3 – for 3 Bicycles

Roof box kept me informed throughout, even offered an equivalent product foc for the 2 weeks I had to wait. Well designed ensuring the bicycles are secure when in transit.

Roof bars for raised roof rails. I will definitely recommend. Couldn’t recommend more highly, this is the carrier you need for four big bikes! The ‘nut’ is still there somewhere on the track though!

To find the spare parts you need, please see the diagram below, identify the product codes, then choose them from the list below. Spot on for me. With swivel joints at both ends, and a slight curve in the aluminium support rod to increase the opportunities available, we haven’t yet come across any combination of bike sizes and styles that can’t easily be locked into place using the same key which locks the whole unit to the tow ball.

Easy to use and easy to lift on and off the car. Excellent tow bar bike rack.

This looks like a simple plastic strap, but it is in fact ‘sandwiched’ around a spring steel core. Lighting adapter ’13 pin’ rack to 7 pin car no. Please also check your tyre size – if you buy incorrectly-sized chains they will be either too tight or too loose. You can lock the rack to the towbar and the bikes to the rack but additional security would be sensible as someone could conceivably cut through the straps on the arms.


Instruction leaflet somewhat frustrating as it’s all pictures with no text, but Roof Box qtera very helpful and knowledgeable and once you know what the pictures are telling you by experience of using it! Could be improved by having a mechanism for spodt wheel straps out of the way when loading the bike cable clips are a temporary xtera.

You will find this important information in your car handbook – please check this before using your snowchains!

The trade-off for lightness and manoeuvrability is that some fixings are relatively lightweight in materials and I wonder whether they will all stand up to repeated, long term use. One major advantage is that you can access the boot even with the bikes attached by tilting them out of the way.

Hatchback Sturdy rack that does the job sprot. Well worth the money and expect to use it for years!!! Atera foldable Drive-up rail no. It is a 3 bike rack but you can get an additional bike accessory which just bolts on and is very secure. We love this rack and we have travelled many miles with no problems at all. Had 2 ebikes plus 1 other on the carrier without any trouble. Would and have recommended this rack to friends and family.

Note that the maximum permitted load for the 3 bike version is 60kg. Why it’s important to select the correct vehicle and tyre size Vehicle There are a surprising number of vehicles that cannot use traditional snowchains, the types that put chain on the inside of the wheel as well as on the tread. Would highly recommend this company.

When the originals arrive back here we refund you for their invoice value, but you won’t get back more than the invoice value of the replacements. It’s not light so does need a little muscle to get it on the tow bar but it’s built to last. Company Atera E nvironmental protection. It makes sense when using this carrier to place a safety strap around all the bikes and the bike holder support frame.


Roof bars are never part of the Exchange Scheme. Simple to drop so you can open the boot – highly recommend. Being a bloke I decided not to read the instructions and it took me twice as long as it should have. This is by far the best made and simplest to use. Frame diameters in mm.

Fairly strong and sturdy.

Atera Strada Sport M 3 Fahrradträger für | eBay

Service from roofbox company ist class. It is really simple to fit and to get the bikes secured. Tow bar bike carrier: Good lock system ensure both bikes and carrier is safe even when away from the car.

Product was not immediately available, I had to wait a couple of weeks. And if it was it would cost a small fortune like its competitors. Carrier systems for heavy duty Accessories Product finder.

The construction of the equipment makes it spodt to operate, attach and store in or out of the car. Estate Very good product. atea

Atera Strada Sport

The only extra things I needed were some pipe insulation pieces to avoid bikes rubbing on each other due to their design. But no criticism about the rest of the features strad the rack and the delivery from the roof box company prompt and very good. The replacement items must not be part of a package deal or be from our Bargains section.