Jane Hayes is a seemingly normal young New Yorker, but she has a secret. Her obsession with Mr. Darcy, as played by Colin Firth in the BBC adaptation of. Austenland is a novel by Shannon Hale, published on May 9, by Bloomsbury. It is first in her Austenland series. A film based on the novel was released in. The beloved novel set at a Jane Austen fantasy resort, from New York Times- bestselling author Shannon Hale. Recently adapted into the romantic comedy.

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In the end, you fail to understand even if this Austenland trip is helpful or not: I felt so entirely sneaky.

When we first arrive at Austenland, the r Let’s be realistic here: She wants to get her niece out of her fantasy world by pushing her further into it?

There’s poking here, but I wouldn’t really call it “fun”.

Archived from the original on I crept quietly up the dark stairway, entered my room and tried my very best to shut the door silently behind me. But it was fun, it was based on a love of all things Austen and Darcy though Captain Wentworth really gives Darcy auwtenland run for his money and what’s not to like about that?

That finally there would be a ahstenland where the heroine found happiness without a man. The frustration was probably greater for me because I know Shannon Hale can write strong female characters better than this.

Austenland Series

He turned over, releasing his tight hold on the blanket, and rested his leg on mine- still asleep. So, I read the book from start to finish, unburdened by distraction. After about a half hour I whispered an apology to Aaron and slipped out of bed to go read in the living room.


I will be reading more uale this author, and I must buy a copy of this book, I am sure I will be reading it again! Very low angst, very austfnland romance, very little detail. When we first arrive at Austenland, the reader is swept up along side Jane as she experiences the fantastical regency era in all its glory.

Why do women keep getting portrayed like this? Follow me on Twitter My Tweets. Our main character is Jane, and her eccentric and very wealthy great aunt or something has left her one bequest in her will: Anyway, so Jane heads off to England, not even the least bit grateful or excited about it.

At first I thought maybe the irony was intentional. I will definitely read the second book in this series because I enjoyed austen,and Shannon Hale weaved this funny and quirky romance set during the Regency times! Both are entertaining, shannom you were to pick one, go with “Regency House. I loved her children’s books, so I was excited to see that she wrote an adult book about Jane Austen a serious departure from her usual subjects, which turned out to be a serious mistake.

Anything that centers on a love for Austen gets a thumbs up in my opinion.

I saw the movie. Actually, Shannon Hale can just write better than this period. What is real and what is fake gets murky for Jane, as she kind of bounces back and forth between Mr Nobley and Martin, trying to figure out what she really wants. Jane Hayes is obsessed with Mr. As far as the story I autenland enjoyed it!



This book is so much more than i anticipated!! I have three main complaints: It’s all a game, Jane knows. After all, who can compare to Mr. The book even had a few twists and revelations that I wasn’t expecting at all!

About rhapsodyinbooks We’re into reading, politics, and intellectual exchanges. I almost feel bad about hals because I do really really like Shannon Hale’s other books.

Austenland Series by Shannon Hale

So finally, after a lot of unimaginative angst, you may ask me: Darcy haale the main character ok maybe not to that extent. The book is a light quick read perfect for summer reading.

But Austenland just couldn’t pull me in. Part of the reason I feel the premise is wasted is that Jane is so full of contempt for the whole endeavor, especially at the beginning. In this addictive, charming and compassionate story, Shannon Hale brings out the Jane Austen obsessive in all of us.

Jane is exactly the sort of woman Jane Austen was making fun with her books. But Jane isn’t like those other women, those shallow, rich women.