But then I saw the postmortem report and photographs of Baha Mousa. I can still feel the shock. They were visceral confirmation that this wasn’t. The work of the Baha Mousa Inquiry is now completed and the Report published. As of 31 December the Inquiry is closed. Baha Mousa was working as a receptionist in a hotel in Basra on the morning of The report said that British soldiers inflicted “violent and cowardly” assaults on .

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The Baha Mousa Public Inquiry report

They argued that the UK authorities had refused to conduct an independent and thorough investigation into the circumstances of the killings. Since my book was published, more than 1, allegations of torture, unlawful killing, sexual assault and ritual humiliation have emerged. The case mousw a landmark judgment in the universal application of human rights.

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I hope that was achieved. I wonder what George Orwell would have thought about all this. Except that he was the only one on the list who had been killed while being held for interrogation in a British base. Corporal Donald Payne pleaded guilty to inhumane treatment of a prisoner and was jailed for a year and dismissed from the Army. It appeared on a list of victims, people killed in Basra by British troops in His father was an reportt in this case.


Q&A: Baha Mousa inquiry – BBC News

Its function was to examine the circumstances surrounding the death of Mousa as well as to investigate the use of conditioning techniques used by the British Army during the campaign in Iraq from Four of the men had been shot by military personnel, one had allegedly been beaten and forced into the Shatt Al-Arab river, where his body was found. Year of birth missing. The Inquiry, which was limited to a particular battalion in Basra, did not find evidence of systematic torture committed by the British Army and instead singled out a number of soldiers for severe criticism.

Enhanced interrogation techniques Ghost detainees Waterboarding Destruction of interrogation tapes.

Al Skeini and others v. Two days later, Mousa was found dead.

No one was held responsible for Mousa’s killing or even for allowing the system of torture for that was what it was: While in detention, Mousa and the other captives were hooded, severely beaten and assaulted by a number of British troops. Archived from the original on Wrists with rings geport cut flesh. They were visceral confirmation that this wasn’t just an “interesting” legal case. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The inquiry into his death found that Mousa’s death was caused by “factors including lack of food and water, heat, exhaustion, fear, previous injuries and the hooding and stress positions used by British troops – and mousq final struggle with his guards”.


Death of Baha Mousa – Wikipedia

With that came the arguable contention that British bzha applied, law that included obligations under the Human Rights Act to investigate properly a death involving a state authority — in this case, the army. Decision reached Legal representation: He found that there was widespread ignorance of what was permitted in handling prisoners of war and also criticised the absence of any proper MoD doctrine mpusa interrogation.

Even senior commanders were ignorant of a ban imposed in on the use of five techniques, including stress positions, sleep deprivation and hooding, which were used on Mousa and the other detainees.

Some of the other detainees were also severely assaulted. The Death of Baha Mousaan account of the events and the subsequent inquiry. Archived from the original on 8 August The Report contained 73 clear recommendations to bahq MoD.

Darlington and Stockton Times. Then there was a high court review, which found that the investigation into Mousa’s death was pathetically inadequate. And after much delay, finally there was a full public inquiry; essentially a careful re-examination that produced months of transcript and hundreds of witness statements.