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Geological Society London, Phytotoxicity assessment of aqueous soil extracts.

Sensitivity of the regional climate model RegCM4. Recent and near-future changes in precipitation-extreme indices over the Croatian Adriatic coast.

Identification, phylogenetic relationship and new maximum size of two rudd populations Scardinius, Cyprinidae from the Adriatic Sea drainage, Croatia. Permian deposits and the Permian—Triassic boundary in Croatia: Crvena knjiga morskih riba Hrvatske. Copper complexing properties of exudates and metabolites of macroalgae from the Aegean Sea.

Computational modeling of the atmospheric boundary layer using various two-equation turbulence models. The development of electrochemical methods for determining nanoparticles in the environment.

Occurrence of sepiolite in Croatia and its application in phosphate removal from wastewater. Influence of digested wastewater sludge on early growth of the perennial ryegrass Lolium perenne L.



Peharda, Melita; Black, Bryan A. L-aspartic acid and L- aspartic acid – glycine mixture. Mineralogical and geochemical characteristics of Miocene pelitic sedimentary rocks from the south-western part of the Pannonian Basin System Croatia: CroArtScia Symposium, Simmetry: Marn, Nina; Kooijman, S.

Mineralogy, petrology and geochemistry of amphibolites from the Kalnik mt. Purification and partial characterization of a lectin protein complex, the clathrilectin, from the calcareous sponge Clathrina clathrus. Illicit drug consumption in school populations measured by wastewater analysis.

Dynamic energy budget approach to modeling mechanisms of CdSe quantum dot toxicity. Nitrosoarene dimerization on two- and three-dimensional gold surfaces. Life and water on Karst: Assessing meteotsunami potential of high-frequency air pressure oscillations observed in the middle Adriatic. Badenian Ostracoda mlg the Pokupsko area Banovina, Croatia.

The angle of the near-surface wind-turning in weakly stable boundary layers. Separtion of Sr in combination of ion exchange and Sr resin with alcohol-nitric acid solution and rapid baloh of 90Sr in wine and soil samples.

Reconstruction of cave air temperature based on surface atmosphere temperature and vegetation changes: Factors controlling temporal variability of near-ground atmospheric Rn concentration over central Europe. Hagino, Kyoko; Young, Jeremy R. Sources, distribution and behavior of major and trace araynr in a complex karst lake system. The effect of chlorpyrifos on protein content and acid DNase activity in the mussel, Mytilus galloprovincialis.


Fide Elo 01/2010

Limited influence of primary treated sewage waters on bacterial abundance, production and community composition in coastal seawaters.

Spectral gap characteristics in a daytime valley boundary layer. Influence of the geological setting on the REE geochemistry of estuarine sediments: Organic aggregates formed by krisztona brown alga Acinetospora crinita Acinetosporaceae, Ectocarpales.

Concentration and stable carbon isotopic composition of CO2 in cave air of Postojnska jama, Slovenia.

Fide Elo 01/ – [TXT Document]

Slovak Academy of Sciences, Balgh Institute, Deposition and dissolution of metal sulfide layers at a Hg electrode surface in seawater electrolyte conditions. Flood inputs in a Mediterranean coastal zone impacted by a large urban area: Catabolism of terbuthylazine by mixed bacterial culture originating from s-triazine contaminated soil. Seasonal and spatial variations of Po and Pb activity concentrations in Mytilus galloprovincialis from Croatian coast of the Adriatic Sea.

Ecology and taxonomy of potentially toxic Zranyr species in Lim Bay north-eastern Adriatic Sea. New model for molybdenum behavior in euxinic waters.