In smaller flute you have to blow harder, in bigger ones grip is comparatively difficult. So start with a medium one. You have to have some basic knowledge of . For learning the basics of Bansuri there is a channel in youtube by Himanshu Nanda (Disciple of Pandit hari Prasad Chourasia). This is pretty good for. Beginning level instruction on the art of the bansuri (bamboo flute) by flute master G.S. Sachdev.

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Basics of the Bansuri – Lesson 1 | Radha Madhav Dham

Reaching the notes in the higher register can be more difficult. For example, you could play: Selection Of The Right Bansuri. Matt Dubuque 21 June at And if you having financial issue, So go on you tube there are many teachers who are providing lessons and exercises where you can learn much things.

Bansuri use a relative scale, similar to the ‘do, re, mi’ concept. These are the seven surs in Bansuri. It is far more important to get a sound first before we try to cover the holes and learn the notes.

Narottam s 15 August at Music always stands basisc the broader outrage of life in the society. I am also a student of Bansuri, but just a bit experiences then you what you said that you are a fresher.


Visit baaics For more www. Now breathe out slowly and feel with your hand how your belly gets slowly smaller. Anonymous 3 September at What are your thoughts?

This is possible because ‘hertz’ are measurable units of vibrations per second. Hi, You have written please ignore all surs except ma, below the image. Ankit Kala 18 December at Until and banxuri a guruyou can’t play flute well. So you can play the same note multiple times but by saying “ta’ or “ta-ta-ta” when you blow into the flute.

Learn To Play Bansuri: Basics

To begin with, do not worry about covering any holes on the flute. This is the best website for learning flute at home. For medium octaves if you are still bassics blowing issues try bringing your lower lip a bit front and blow normally. Its same like blowing in the pen’s cap in our school days. The tuning we will learn afterwards. Is there any way basucs identify what type of bansuri I own.

Radha Madhav Dham

For a start just look to produce the sound. Unknown 18 October at Prashanth Kumar 8 July at But i would like to suggest you one thing that please get a teacher to learn Bansuri.

The same is true for playing the bansuri. Below are some YouTube videos which will help you to get the right sound more perfectly.

Rohan Jais 27 February at Lower, Medium and Higher. Furthermore, the notation system is based on finger position, rather than tone. We need one system for the lower octave, one for the middle octave and another for the upper octave.


Rushab Dave 15 August at A good way to imagine this is by thinking of a garden hose. I learnt it from my guru ji That’s more than sufficient: Of course if you are left handed you will use opposite hands.

When it comes to talk about music, you cannot deny the importance of musical instruments which are used along with music. I prefer the bansuri and will stick with it.

I am so sad because I may not be able to play bansuri well because of that condition. Or it is by mistake? Wasim Akram May 30, at 1: Bhabesh rath July 6, at The idea is here is just to hold the flute up to your mouth so the the blowing hole is under your lips. So just look for a guru else if you learn own your own then you have to unlearn it first when you go to a guru for mastery over the instrument. I am very lucky to get this tips from you. This first step concentrates on getting the sound.

Parth G 6 April at