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Return to the main room and place the Philosophy Book in the shelf in the top right corner, then enter the Literature Section. However, a list of the missable Magnus, along with their maximum copies, is available in the appendix. This happened to me and I almost got a game over here Since the bosses here can attack only once per round, you can get by with just filling Savyna and Mizuti’s decks with revival Magnus. If you are hit by a blue energy ball, your ship is slowed down momentarily, and if Mizuti’s ship goes beyond the horizon starts blinking at the top of the radarthen the mini-game is failed, and you have to restart.

Also in the battles the attack phase is turn based with a timer, and then it goes to real time when the monsters attack and you quickly have to pick an item or defense card or get clobbered.

Note that there is a soldier asking for something to drink here. Don’t forget to capture an Olifant from an oasis to complete your zoo. I kept only a few of his strongest attack Magnus.

There’s a lot going on in this first area, but not much to do. Item Location see all Item Location. Walk into the house in the lower area of the main street for another scene, select the “vengeance” option, and make your way back to Cebalrai.


One, it’s not possible to hold a photo of each enemy because some unique ones appear in the same battle. Equip Xelha with her newest anklet if you have not done so, and make sure her deck contains plenty of Water kaiyos Light cards. Jump across to the right and speak to the woman in the corner. Battle Magnus articles should have the Magnus infobox filled out with the appropriate fields.

However, his other attacks are very strong, and he can cause Sleep. So when Manua, saw it for cheap on E-bay, I decided to give it a go. Continue your way downstairs and enter the right chamber to meet the white dragon, then go to the left chamber.

Winds [] Ice Dagger [] Escape 1. Return to the hallway and unlock the remaining room to save Xelha. Be sure to change Xelha’s deck to Water and Light elements, and add kaitoe armor and healing to Kalas and Gibari’s decks.

I guess these were originally meant to be solo fights, but then you’d be forced to powerlevel Xelha and Mizuti if you hadn’t been using them.

The lead section of an article should also include the same format in parentheses immediately following the English name. Enter the building bafen the town entrance.

BatenKaitos:Manual of Style

Go down the right path to reach the hangar. Grab a [LAVA] at the entrance and make your way to the end of the cave. Then talk to the guy outside the restaurant and select whichever options you like. Just keep choosing cards until you either get the right one 4 times, or lose.

I spells, using a consistent order for ingredients, etc.

Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean () GameCube box cover art – MobyGames

You have to defeat all 3 Slimes in this maze to progress the game, so the minimum score is 90 if you bwten only 1 Slime enemy in each formation. Try to get 4 or more.


Keep going and enter Balancoire. Exit the maze through the lower right doorway and talk to the Golden Hero. Again, kaiyos can reset and try again if you only want to fight a single one.

The shop is still functional so you get quick and easy healing, and the enemies respawn whenever you change screens. But finally, after all that time, I finally got the game again. There will be another scene when you enter. Amounts shown in italicized text are for items listed in currency manhal than Canadian dollars and are approximate conversions to Canadian dollars based upon Bloomberg’s conversion rates.

Both valuable items and Magnus have their own infoboxes. The reason for this is that if both of their attacks KO someone back to back, then you are left with only one character and you will not be able to keep up kwitos the revival and healing.

At the prompt I chose “Right, let’s go. Push the fat woman up the hill to get their signatures: I h ave to admit I wasn’t crazy about going around collecting cards but in effect it works out rather nicely. It’s really not that hard, you just need very good armor, and you should be quite proficient with forming Straights.

Either way, it’s time to open up Cor Hydrae, so return to Corellia’s Palace, speak to her, and confirm that you’re ready.