Quantity, Value, Unit, Comment. Appearance Properties. Refractive index, – Appearance. Color (Iodine), <3. Physical Properties. Viscosity, -. India Export Data of ADDITIVE BAYSILONE OL 17 is available only for previous 2 ADDITIVE BAYSILONE OL 17 Export data can be useful in different kind of. BorchiĀ® Gol OL 17 is an additive used to improve flow properties and surface smoothness. This product eliminates spray structures, orange-peel and preve.

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The naysilone of claim 1 wherein the mixture of organic solvents is in the following proportions by weight: After the lacquer had dried, several approximately 20 mm wide vertical cuts were made in the strip using a metal saw. These failed to dislodge or even cause flaking of the red paint on the pretreated plexiglass.

A mm long and 30 mm wide galvanated steel strip was immersed for a few seconds in a bath containing the following liquid composition:.

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baysllone A particularly preferred embodiment of this invention comprises a mixture of the following proportions by weight:. After a variable drying period ranging from 40 seconds to a few minutes in the open air or for about 15 seconds in a drying shed, the desired final coating may be applied.

Tests carried out in an atmosphere of saline humidity have shown such modified paints to have good adherence properties.

Baysilone OL17

Process for the cleaning of articles or surfaces and a cleaner bath to be used in the process. This website provides links to other websites owned by third parties. However, UL assumes no responsibility or liability for the accuracy of the information contained on this website and strongly encourages that upon final product or material selection information is validated with the manufacturer.

Solvent-based activator for ensuring paint adhesion to titanium byasilone stainless steel. Liquid composition based on organic solvents to facilitate the adherence of coatings to substrates. The composition according to the bahsilone therefore constitutes an additive of choice for effecting improved adhesion of various coatings and in particular of certain paints.


The glue fixed to the plate of plexiglass exhibited all its original fixative properties. Information provided by Covestro. EXAMPLE 1 b A piece of adhesive tape of width 50 mm was applied diagonally to a mm square of plexiglass to define two triangular areas.

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The present invention provides a liquid composition allowing, after its bayislone application to a substrate, excellent adherence of any coating to all types of rigid or semi-rigid substrate, baysklone composition comprising a mixture of organic solvents in the following proportions by weight:. It was observed that at the position of the ring left by removal of the adhesive tape the edges of the paint on the pretreated end were clean and clearly defined and that the lacquer adhered perfectly to its substrate with no removal being possible through scratching with the finger nails or using a scraper.

A particularly preferred embodiment of this invention comprises a mixture of the following proportions by weight: The examples and trials reported above show that the liquid composition according to the invention maybe applied on diverse substrates to provide for a superior adherence baysilons any kind of subsequent coating.

It was observed that no chipping of the paint baysiloje. The technique used for treating surfaces comprises firstly removing large scale soil by washing with water followed by drying.

BorchiĀ® Gol OL 17

Organic solvent based liquid composition for enhancing adherence of coatings to substrates. Bbaysilone piece of adhesive tape of width 50 mm was applied diagonally to a mm square of plexiglass to define two triangular areas.

EXAMPLE 1 a An adhesive chestnut-colored commercial tape normally used for wrapping having a width of 50 mm was placed on a plate of plexiglass previously immersed for a few seconds in a bath containing the following liquid composition: After several minutes of drying at ambient temperature, a red, two-component polyurethane paint was applied to the pretreated triangle and the other non-treated triangle was painted with 71 yellow, two-component polyurethane paint.

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Such surfaces include steel, iron, copper, brass, chrome, tin, aluminum, glass, earthenware, rubber, plastics, polyesters, certain composites and formica. Yet another object is the prior treatment of surfaces with the solvent mixture to prevent oxidation phenomena and furthermore to neutralize and pre-existing oxidation by the time the final coating product is applied. This product eliminates spray structures, orange-peel and prevents the formation of craters. It is characterised by good binder compatibility and a high degree of efficiency in many binders.

In this last case, the application demands close attention as the cloth must be especially clean and must not leave fibers on the surface being treated. The drying times of coatings based on Desmodur N polyisocyanate and Desmophen A PMA polyester can be reduced by the addition of catalysts.

It has also been discovered that, rather surprisingly, when the liquid composition of the invention is present in the coating product itself in an amount depending on the nature of the coating product and on the solubility of the composition therein it is again possible to improve the adherence of the coating to the substrate.

After drying for several minutes at ambient temperature, a matt black acrylic lacquer was applied to the whole of the tube.

It leads to improved adherence to such substrates of coatings like paint, varnish, glue and mastic as well as coatings applied by chrome-plating, galvanization and gold and silver plating.