DownloadBedini energizer building manual pdf. Free Download 8 42 a. When ready, you should get a confirmation. Travis Outlaw – Amnesty Clause hey, my. REPLICATE THE BEDINI RADIANT CHARGING PHENOMENON .. BUILDING THE FRAME. UPDATED COIL WINDING INSTRUCTIONS BY LEE. . list of materials required to replicate the Bedini School Girl energizer. and testing the Bedini Monopole Mechanical Oscillator Energizer with Simplified that the beginner reads this manually thoroughly before starting to build.

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Now a word about substitutions. Before we start wiring the coil to the circuit if you have not already done so,verify which end of the coil wires need to be connected to battery positive to cause therotor to spin. The coil is wound with multiple wires all the same length so it is not aconventional transformer. At a hardwarestore, Home depot, Lowe’s etc.

I am not sure you needthat.

It can be plastic,particle board, plywood or regular nominal 1 inch dimension lumber. But if you have done any circuit soldering itis a simple circuit.


One end of the rods eenrgizer protrude out from thecoil. The diodes should have at least the samerating. The shaft supports will be installed centered left to right on the bottom piece.

The picture I haveincluded was made of red oak for beauty and durability since it is a demonstrator unit. It can also charge batteries in series soit can charge 12, 24 or 48 volt battery berini.


There are 5 main parts to this device. Each magnet that comes by repeats the process.


But no matter what I have done, even soaking in gasoline for two weeks, thosebearings maanual useless for my rotors. They are arranged in three groups.

It takes a second or two for the meter to register. The diagram of the circuit is color coded to distinguish the various portions.

Bilding will just be loose on the Plexiglas. Remember just very light pressure to hold it just touching the bearing. So either that is For those who are notfamiliar with schematics the next page has the parts list of the components and othervaluable information. Contrary to theeffects of conventional charging batteries charged with a Bedini energizer show anincreased capacity after repeated charging and they recharge more rapidly. Firstplace the rotor shaft in the bearings and then put the two spacers against the bearing witha nut.

So again a magnet comes by inducing a voltage in the trigger winding. You cantake it outside and stretch out five foot lengths. It is proof that something very unconventional isoccurring when 9 volts input can charge a 12 volt battery.

The base is made from 5 pieces builing wood. For the input power insert a 18 AWG or smaller still big enough to handle the 2to 3 amps current you may need wire into the wire connectors shown as 4 on thediagram.



But they have lower power output and hence although theytap the radiant your results will be less for this circuit. In the middle we will put a bearing. We put batteryclamps on the end of the wire and it is stripped bare on the other end to fit into the circuitterminal blocks like this.

We like to color code the input and outputs. If you can machine it yourself or have access to someonewho can do the machine work great. If a second, third or 12th coilwere bfdini to pulse the rotor they would all receive their switching voltage from thesame trigger coil.

See the picture below. If the hum is present then most likely the energiser are the problem and theyare too tight. Be very careful the current from a lead acid battery can be very great. You will want to file all the ends that protrude out so it is flat on the side facingthe rotor magnets. Now use either a 12 Volt battery or power supply and attach one wire end to thenegative.