Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. Postwar Quest for a New Film Language. Hester Baer. Bela Balazs: Early Film Theory. Visible Man and The Spirit of Film. Bela Balazs, edited by Erica Carter. Theory of the Film: Sound by Bela Balazs. The Acoustic World It is the business of the sound film to reveal for us our acoustic environment,, the acoustic.

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The true task tgeory film art is to deepen into artistic effects the new psychological effects made possible by the technique of cinematography. Here is sorrowful defiance, a proud faith in spite of everything, a great mute vow of fidelity to the revolution, all in an unspoken soliloquy.

Full text of “Theory of the Film – Bela Balazs”

They see with our eyes. He does not think in words, the syllables of which he sketches in the air like the dots and dashes of the Morse code. But in the film a lot of things can happen even when the characters are motion- less.

Also lectures on films in Poland and at Prague University. Michael Romm used it in his film The Thirteen when the sound film was already fully developed. The artist could present in its primary form of manifestation the souFs bodily incarna- tion in gesture or feature. But not only by the silent film.

This is done by including in every shot a movement, a ges- ture, a form, a something which refers the eye to the preceding and following shots, something that protrudes into the next shot like the branch of a tree or a fence, like a ball that rolls from one frame to the other, a bird that flies across, cigar smoke that curls in both, a look or gesture to which there is an answer in the next shot. Such poets, painters or composers may perish, but their work lives.


Then tears gather in the eyes and that ends the scene. Baudelaire wrote in his diary: This is one of the reasons why the acting style of very old films now appears exaggerated and ridiculous. You could not be signed in. Des- cribed in a novel it would take pages, the reading of which would require much more time than the described scene itself.

This article may be expanded with text translated from thheory corresponding article in Hungarian. The loquacity itself is characteristic, but it would have been both tiring and boring to listen theorry it all. So much could be read from paper tje the method of conveying meaning by facial expression fell into desuetude. These class characteristics are often more obvious than national or racial characteristics and the face of a French miner, for instance, is more fiom the face of a German or English miner, than like the face of a French aristocrat.

It may depict reality but has no imme- diate connection and contact with it. Although these human experiences are not rational, conceptual contents, they are nevertheless neither vague nor blurred, but as clear and unequivocal as is music.

Did they observe, hour by hour and keeping precise records, how this embryo developed and in its development revealed the laws governing its vital processes? It is obvious that she is trying to put heart into him and repeating again and again: She reconstructs the same set-up in which the man got his first impression of her. This is a means of expres- sion completely specific to the film. On the contrary these exotic faces seemed all alike to us only because we knew them so superficially.

But the sectional picture or ‘shot’ must be correctly ordered and composed. Two nuns who form part of the strictly virtuous company are the most zealous in trying to persuade the reluctant prostitute to comply with the Prussian officer’s demands. Even the literature of extreme subjectivism used the common vocabulary and was thus preserved from the loneliness of final misunderstanding.



It may have an expressive physiognomy, but never a changing expression, such as the movement of changing outlines, which changing set-ups can give to things in a ghe.

Only nature moves naturally, even in human beings, and only the unconscious reflex-like reactions of the soul impress the fipm as natural gestures. Lilian Gish, the loving, trusting girl cannot believe her ears, or rather she is incapable of realizing all at once that her life is in ruins.

Nevertheless this language of facial expression and gesture, although it has a certain generally accepted tradi- halazs, lacks the severe rules that govern grammar and by the grace of our academies are compulsory for us all. Psychological and logical analysis has shown that words are not merely thee expressing our Noughts and feelings but in most cases their a priori limiting forms.

While he started to establish his literary career in the s as a poet, playwright, and librettist it was not until that he started writing on film, publishing film reviews for the Vienna daily Der Tag.

Sign In Forgot password? All he hears is the leading melody, all the rest is blurred into a general murmur. Sectional pictures are not details of a whole film. Cinematography would have remained mechanical reproduc- tion.