Bergdorf Blondes is the chick lit début novel of Plum Sykes, an English- born fashion writer and New York “it girl”. The book was released in hardcover on . Laura Barton on the girls about town in Plum Sykes’ Bergdorf Blondes. The reputation of the fairest of the fair sex gets another mauling in Plum Sykes’s label-strewn tale of husband-hunting, Bergdorf Blondes.

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What Bergdord want to discuss is the Alpha-Beta peel. There are much more books out there that are more worth your while. Jun 25, Brittany rated it did not like it Recommends it for: I’d say that she’s better than Bushnell in terms of writing style since the book’s characters aren’t ruthless, they’re oftentimes charming and witty, and their very self-indulgence comes across as more amusing than petty. Other than that it was a great quick read in my view and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I couldn’t stop once I started.

Bergdorf Blondes – Wikipedia

Lists with This Book. Several months later, I was shopping in Sephora and I happened upon an at-home version of the Alpha-Beta peel! Bergdorff tone is curious, more Teen Vogue than proper Vogue. Oh sorry, when you reach a certain income level, you are “notorious” or “eccentric. I read this book yesterday. Worst of all, despite her Ivy League education, she is dim. Our heroine is seemingly calculated to be cockle-warmingly blohdes, on the grounds that she is British and brunette and Ivy League, and lives in a faintly boho apartment.

Because of this amazing new waxing thing that has never been heard of outside of New York, sex is referred to throughout as variations on the word Brazil. Sadly, people like this probably exist. The twist at the end was a good one and the author seemed to understand the need for a beginning, middle, and end of a book.

They live in a strictly hierarchical, alpha-dog, eat-or-be-eaten world. This page was last edited on 4 Aprilat But part of the fun of that is getting to live through the characters, but these characters, I couldn’t wait to get away from.


Princess”, of which Plum Sykes, the author, has perhaps some knowledge. Most people symes probably say at this point, “What were you expecting, Camus?

The Best Books of In contrast, USA Today was more favorable in its review, writing that ” Blondes is an over-the-top, witty plu, comedy sure to put a spring in your step — whether you’re walking in Manolos or Keds. Chick lit if you will.

Bergdorf Blondes

Though it took a while for me to actually get into the book, somewhere in between the fourth and fifth chapter, I was hooked. Thought it’d be a fun beach read. I know it felt more real that way and it probably wouldn’t have been as great without it, but had a hard time expecting the fact that she kept calling sex “Brazil”, I thought a better word probably would have made it feel better and less weird and sketchy the whole time.

I wish she would write more books like this. The name-dropping is relentlessly distracting, like some kind of nervous tic; practically every sentence is accessorised with a deft reference to somewhere or something awfully fashionable and terribly New York. Then again, having read Bergdorf Blondes, neither am I exactly filled with love for her.

The only part I specifically remember is calling a certain sexual act ‘getting tiramisu’ I will leave it up to you to discern what that means and texting a friend that Moi is getting said act, then said act ending abruptly when actor discovered what actee is up to. It was supposed to be ridiculous, it was su When I started reading this book it infuriated me!

Irritating? Moi?

It’s passionate, exciting, but it generally indicates that you are pushing each other’s dysfunctional buttons. It is not that this book is badly written, nor even that it is poorly plotted, although any reader who is not on hard drugs will be required to ;lum disbelief to a quite mind-boggling degree. Well, she has her nose waxed, for one thing.


The problem is, one cares not a jot for Moi or her flutterbrained companions and whether or not they get the Harry Winston diamond or the teacup pomeranian. If you’re going to go into this book judging fictional characters for being superficial, then this book is probably not for you. Not only does this harm her social standing, but the protagonist is psychologically devastated by the end of the relationship and becomes anorexic as a result.

The following day Julie ends up finding out about the sexual encounter after questioning the protagonist about the night’s events, upon which point she reveals that she and Charlie never broke up and tells the protagonist that she never wants to see her again.

View all 4 comments. Bergdorf Blondes obviously fancies itself as one Manoloed step above your common-or-garden chick lit by being ever-so-slightly arch, in the manner of say, Clueless or Legally Blonde. Which got me thinking.

Jul 19, Kate VerbVixen rated it really liked it. They search for fiances not husbandsgo to parties, lunches, foreign cities, get heartbroken, get wonderful facials, start book clubs, and finally find love. This all proves to be too much for the protagonist and before leaving, she tells Charlie that she hates him glondes that she can no longer trust him since he never trusted her with any of this information.

This book is a literary equivalent of a shot in the head. View Full Version of PW. Initially she believes that she’s found “The One” in the photographer Zack and the two become beggdorf, after which point Zack becomes emotionally abusive and unresponsive.

This is the dumbest, most shallow book ever. Blissfully self-interested and flush with the cheeriness that comes from being, well, flush, Miss Disposable Income sashays her way through New York society in search of the perfect P.