full story of biag ni lam ang by kpulanco in Topics > Books – Fiction, Epic, and English. Characters.: Major Characters of the story Biag ni Lam-ang Lam-ang – the son of Don Juan and Namongan Don Juan – the father of Lam-ang Namongan – wife. Biag ni Lam-ang (Ilocano Epic Story). The theme of the epic revolves around the bravery and courage of the main character portrayed by.

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Back alive, Lam-ang and his wife lived happily ever after with his white rooster and gray dog.

Biag ni Lam-ang

Half of the ridge became the island of Buglas Negros and the other became the island of Panay. There were fireworks, musical band, and display of attractive items like the glasses, the mirror, the slippers, clothes and nice food. Biag ni Lam-ang Tagalog: One evening at dinner time Buyong Matanayon threw seven slices of ginger into the fire.

They plotted to bring harm to the newlyweds.

Gerardo Blanco and to publicist and folklorist Isabelo de los Reyes. The story was handed down orally for generations before it was written down around assumedly by a blind Ilokano bard named Pedro Bucaneg. He rushed to their village and killed them all, except for one whom he let go so that he could tell other people about Lam-ang’s greatness.

After the flood waters subsided, Paubari and Alunsina returned to the plains secretly. They fought for seven months and their skill and prowess seemed to be equal. Rivers dried up and the seas receded.


Biag ni Lam-ang (Summary) BIAG NI LAM | Presario Compaq –

The rooster expressed the love of Lam-ang. Labaw Donggon and his bride continued on their journey home. He defeats the headhunters, kills them all and takes his father’s head down to the plains.

The bird flaps its wings and a house toppled over. Although most of the thematic scholarship regarding the Biag ni Lam-ang have focused on the evolving Roman Catholic influences of the epic, some Philippine textbooks [8] have suggested that it may have been influenced by Hindu epics the Mahabharata and Ramayana. Dinahon, an Aeta, created the stove, cooking pot, earthen jar, and other kitchen utensils.

Handiong and his men had to fight thousands of battles, and face many dangers to defeat the monsters.

Lam-ang was obliged to go to the sea and catch the fish. Retrieved from ” https: He passes by the Amburayan River identified by some as the biggest river in Ilocos [ who?

Labaw Donggon, the eldest of the three, asked his mother to prepare his magic cape, hat, belt and kampilan sword for he heard of a place called Handug where a beautiful maiden named Angoy Ginbitinan lived. As soon as the baby boy popped out, he spoke and asked that he be given the name Lam-ang. With the aid of Dumasig, Dumalapdap killed Balanakon.

Dumalapdap married Lubay-Lubyok Hanginun si Mahuyokhuyokan and then took her home. Upon arriving home, Lam-ang decides lam-zng court his atory interest, Ines Kannoyan who lives in Calanutian Kanluit. University of the Philippines Press. Labaw Donggon went to the north, Humadapnon went south, Dumalapdap to the west and Datu Paubari remained in the east.


He also chose his godparents and asked where his father was. The parents agreed to a marriage with their daughter if Lam-ang would give them a dowry valued at double their wealth. He asked her to go with him to the river along with her lady-friends. This series of adventures started with his search for his lost father who was murdered by the head-hunting Igorots in the Igorot country. This made Ines look out. A Handbook of Philippine Folklore.

English Literature : Biag ni Lam-ang (Summary)

He had his rooster crow, which caused a nearby house to fall. There are around twenty known Filipino epic poems. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. But Lam-ang, armed with supernatural powers, handily defeated them, giving the last surviving Igorot a slow painful death by tsory his hands and his ears and finally carving out his eyes to show his anger for what they had done to his father.