Homeland meets Marie Lu’s Legend in Blackout, which #1 New York Times bestselling author Ally Condie called “a thrilling combination of Wells’s trademark . This page digital original novella introduces readers to Blackout, a series by acclaimed author Robison Wells that combines the high-stakes intensity of t. Blackout. Robison Wells. BookPage review by Angela Leeper. Web Exclusive – October 03, After three weeks of nonstop terrorist attacks.

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This remind anyone else of The Darkest Minds? A unexpected announcement seems to show that next book will be on a more globalized scale, but I still don’t see how everything works together. In Blackout we follow the perspective Known for his inception like style of well, Robison Wells provides an interesting novel dealing with America and terrorism.

I’ve had a chance to think about this and this was a severe disappointment. Molli October 1st, And as for Aubrey, I had a hard time believing her flippy-floppy conversion that took about 10 pages to go from ignoring Jack because she can’t be seen with the likes of him, to being in love with him.

Oh wait, some did go and form a protest. The robisoj style is entertaining enough, but the plot meanders and plausibility even for a relatively forgiving reader like me when it comes to world building is not its strong suit.


Hopefully, it will improve as the series progresses. Sep 09, Ivy-Sue rated it it was amazing. Robisln never really connected with any of their characters and honestly, it was hard to have any sympathy for them because of their actions. It’s a shame, really, because until a bit passed the middle – which is when I realized this book wasn’t really going anywhere – I was quite enjoying it.

Blackout (Blackout, #1) by Robison Wells

About the pair of teens being utter opposites. Robison Wells plays on so many levels of good vs. This war robispn is lead by teenagers in small groups doing terrorist-like attacks all over the country. However we only really get to hear from the perspectives of Laura and Alec.

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» Blackout by Robison Wells

The big bummer for me was how long we had to wait to get any answers, and even then we only got a tiny snippet. I’ve stated the major problems of the novel though, and I guess that’s enough to either make you want to try it or not. I was really hoping I’d like this but there’s nothing blaciout like to be honest. And how robuson they go about imprisoning every teenager in the country in a matter of days without much retaliation from anybody inside or out, blcakout the parents? Review to come closer to publcation Laura and Alec are a great contrast between right and wrong; is what they’re fighting for worth the cost?

Maybe in the next book If you love your books with the right amount of action and characters that will blow you away, Blackout is a must-read. Some were contributed by fellow readers, and a lot were written by the fantastic Recaptains team.


Review: Blackout by Robison Wells

Blackout begins from the point of view of three teenaged terrorists, Laura, Alec, and Dan. Michelle Book Briefs October 1st, Would you use it, or would you wane away from the new reality? Morgan rated it did not like it.

Return to Book Page. The end felt like Robinson Wells just wanted it all to be done and over-with, bringing the text to a “close” rapidly and poorly. In contrast, the other half of the story revolves around two terrorists: Can someone take him out already?

Two are somewhat normal teenagers while the other two happen to be teenage terrorists. And these four are about to find their lives intertwined in a complex web of deception, loyalty, and catastrophic danger—where one wrong choice could trigger an explosion that ends it all.

Is it a post-apocalyptic novel?

How did the virus work, why were some people effected and not others? ODell Book Twirps October 1st,