Summary. What to do if the file size of your PDF is too large. Relevant Products. Bluebeam Revu version 7 and above. Problem. The file size of your PDF is too. Bluebeam Revu has helped many AEC professionals project a professional business image on PDFs. Adding markups can be a bit tricky. I used Blue Beam Revu software to reduce the file size, it take it down to It good to resize the PDF but if this is an image after resize the quality.

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Bluebeam is a versatile and easily navigated PDF software for professional and personal use. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. If you wanted to, you could run an entire project directly out of Blubeam. I use a jpg copy of my signature to insert onto a letter – Acrobat it looks closer to having really signed the document -License restrictions – need multiple licenses for each device.

Only uses 1 cpu core at a time if it can utilize multiple cpu cores, I haven’t found a way to do it.

Add to that Bluebeam’s integration with software like ProjectWise, Outlook, and bluebam Autodesk software, and you’ve got a serious workhorse on your dhrink. It has all of the features that draftspersons need to create effective take-offs.

I am typically multitasking and not being able to minimize or move the save screen is problematic. I have, however, seen others struggle with it. Also, have to commend them for making changes based on customer feedback that greatly improved the takeoff process.


But the features bluebeamm plenty and well developed. I can’t say enough good things about this software using it in the construction industry. View full list of Punch List Software. Previously i used a whole slew of programs to complete various tasks similar to what I mention above but with Bluebeam I have discovered that many of these tasks can be completed in Bluebeam eliminating the need to switch between other software as well as saving costs for software that becomes redundant when weighing the uses of Bluebeam.

Shirnk full list of Architecture Software. I haven’t had any problems with blue beam yet and I have been using it since Honestly the only thing I have ever not liked about Bluebeam Revu was the UI change they made buebeam going to There is not much of a learning curve and you can learn the basics very quickly. Do I need to be connected to the internet? Once you collaborate the blueprint you can measure dimensions, surface, and volume.

Bluebeam’s PDF solution for users who want to create, edit and markup PDF files, and collaborate with project partners in real time, or anytime, using Whrink Studio.

There are also plenty of help files and videos on YouTube when you need to know more detailed information. It has definitely elevated the appearance of my business.

Bluebeam Revu

This is excellent software that gives you enormous bang for your buck. This is the number one tool for people in the construction industry to shhrink. A necessary architectural and construction tool! The user interface with the new update at first was a little cumbersome but in time you get used to it.

Its a great program over all to if you are currently using adobe or other software its easy to use and has ton to on-line videos if you ever get stuck and the Java scripting helps out greatly when you want to stream line work flows.


Bluebeam Revu Auto Size MarkUps – Hagen Business Systems

It is very intuitive and has well thought out templates. I have found that Bluebeam can do so many things that I almost don’t need to use other software.

How do I manually activate the software? BidScreen XL is added to Excel. Shrunk the Architecture Engineering and Construction world, this product is king. The only complaint I have been able to come up with but I’m sure it is user error is that my customized toolbar keeps reverting back to the default.

I used to open two separate Adobe windows and then click and drag pages from one into another. These are bluebeak for posting as-builts, as well as for doing take offs and estimates.

I find that it can hold on to documents. The feature to “lock” or “unlock” amendments to documents with the “flatten” feature is a nice touch.

How do I delete the digitized drawing found in a cell? I am unable to free up legacy licenses without going through customer service. If you want to reduce the file size of a large number of documents at the same time, you can use Batch Reduce File Size. So we created accounts for all of our team members and now anytime I receive a submittal that requires multi-discipline coordination, I create a Bluebeam Session with the file uploaded to it.