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High-quality cutting head with x 4 mm particle size for high security needs according to German BSI – TL and North American NSA/CSS The Federal Office for Information Security (German: BSI) recommends a particle the strict requirements of the Technical Guideline BSI TLversion High-quality cutting head with x 4 mm particle size for high security needs according to German BSI – TL and North American NSA/CSS

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Depending on the protection requirements of the information and the data media used, other bsi-l or devices must be used in order to reliably delete or destroy the data. Hard disks with magnetic data mediummagnetic tape cassettes, diskettes: Chip cards can be burned or shredded mechanically using a shredding device. The Online Industrial Exhibition.

Every new development undergoes intensive testing at our Technical Centre. Which methods are suitable for deleting or destroying the data and data media used in the organisation depends on how the data is stored, the data media used, and the protection requirements of the information. Which types of data on which operating systems and in which applicationswhich types of data media e.

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The V-ECO series document and bsi-tll shredders are a brand new development. Hard disks can be shredded mechanically using a shredder. Are there devices and tools available for the various types of data media used that are suitable for reliably deleting the information stored on the media?


This website is using cookies. The employees must receive instructions on how to apply the methods selected for deleting and destroying information, especially if the employees themselves will be using the corresponding tools. Shredding instead of cutting! For this reason, a requirements analysis should be performed before selection in order to find suitable methods.

These data media can be shredded mechanically using a suitable device. There are various methods available to delete or destroy the information on data media. For high protection requirements, the entire memory area must be overwritten three times using suitable software. The bsi-lt important recommendations are presented briefly below.

Business Equipment

In this case, the data media to be disposed of must be collected in the organisation. Paper documents should be shredded using file shredders. What is the size of the data medium itself?

For this reason, these 0320 media should be burned. Our engineers are specialists in the subject. Is the destruction result checked regularly?

For overwriting, the use of random data patterns is recommended. For every machine, we can tell you what particle size is achieved. The following questions, amongst other things, must be answered during the requirements analysis:.

What are the protection requirements of the data stored on the data media? For very high protection requirements, the memory must be overwritten with random data once in advance.


Which types of deletion and destruction methods exist for the protection requirements identified and the types of data media used? Destruction devices are subject to wear due to normal use. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check the particle size, for example by means of a simple visual inspection regarding the data from the device manual. Every new development undergoes intensive testing at our Technical Centre. At peak performance, the shredders can achieve a paper throughput of up to 9 tonnes per bsi-tll V-ECO Does the destruction method selected for a data medium meet the state of the art e.

Some tools and devices are expensive or are not easy to operate correctly.

Case Document Carrier • CHOOSE SECURITY • Vecoplan AG

They can also be burned. The following provides an overview of the methods available for deleting the most commonly used data media:. How many data media of a given type must be deleted or destroyed according to the expectations?

With a wide product range specifically developed for document and data carrier destruction, we can offer bsi-fl just the right solution for your data carrier, required security level and Smaller particle sizes may be necessary for mechanically small drives. A brief overview can be found in S 2.