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Has anybody used either? Ahh got it thanx.


Bss fdst After multiple futile searches, I’m starting a thread to see whom among us has used, plans to use, or currently uses the BSS DFST in its various iterations. Extra Tabs by vBulletin Hispano.

Results 1 to 11 of Used both and I’d take BSS any day of the week. Earlier Non-T versions don’t. These are some pretty cool tools to be able to play with! You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot create polls in this forum You cannot vote in fxs in this forum.


Images : BSS Audio FDS 336T Minidrive

Its control software so you can use a laptop think 15″ screen to control the processor rather 33t the tiny screen on the front of the Minidrive.

BSS all the way.!!

I never used London Architect, Dolby Labs they do the room tuningshad a software package that was very good, that I think was proprietary DBX Driverack is still a good unit, mind. Note that no actual listening took place although I still have an old Neville Brothers song stuck in my head Lost me allready sorry. How user friendly is this management controller as i have fd used anything like that fcs.

I am more of a knob tweeker than vds computer geek so maybe this is to advanced for me. Would love one day to run my srx sytem tri amped, realise i will need some processing to do it properly.

Thinking of upgrading my processer using driverack PA at the moment, move to the or switch to bss. Originally Posted by Tim Rinkerman.

I have used this very unit many times to install crossovers in Mixing stages. Sounds good, equivilant function to Berry Ultradrive but with decent build quality.


DBX DRIVERACK or BSS Mini Drive FDS – Forums

Still, it was an interesting exercise in learning the software, capabilities of the DSP box, and how long iterating between them and a measurement system really takes i. I just bi amp with a dbx crossover at the moment.

Login or Sign Up. Updated firmware to 2.

BSS Audio FDST Minidrive Loudspeaker Management System 2×6 Standard – Sheet Music Daily

Have you ruled out Soundweb? This could be fun Yes, they do keep working as they should, and if the software shows the same functions as the display, you should have no problems controlling them.

Ah, and I learned how to upload custom screens to the much to TiDome’s dismay: The Minidrive is a good management system, but a bit fiddly and laborious to programme. Always fun learning more Have spotted a used one near my home town and i’m tempted to take the plunge. The NTM ‘Whiseworks’ filters offer both a 4th order and 8th order filter. BSS has gotten really bad since Harman bought them.