Whatever recreational pursuit you enjoy, Bunyip State Park provides Not camping at picnic grounds within the park. History. The first people to live in the area. Bunyip State Park park is full of lush foliage and offers a variety of trails for walking or hiking; ranging from easy to moderate in difficulty. Description: This map provides an overview of visitor facilities in Bunyip State Park, Victoria, Australia. This map was updated by Parks Victoria in July

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Local Aboriginal people believed the Bunyip lived in the swamps of the Bunyip River, and therefore avoided the area.

Bunyip State Park | Heritage Horse Riding Trail Visitor Guide

Have you visited the Four Brothers Rocks? Button-grass is a type of sedge, characterised by bunylp long stems and rounded flowering heads. Donate Now And help me further develop this site for you.

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Melbourne Day-Walk: Four Brothers Rocks – Bunyip State Park

Beware of the Bunyip, a dark furry animal with a parj face, small ears and fiery eyes that glow in the dark! Points of Interest 1.

Turn right at this point and walk approximately m before turning left onto Guide Track. The area has its own strengths, it is beautiful in winter too in fact perhaps at its best on those foggy days and there are many opportunities to take in the quiet.

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Great walk, and on a clear day like today there is a nice view from the Four Brothers Rocks over the park. We did this walk on the weekend. Style Circuit One Way Return. I’m doing my best stste life does get in the way sometimes! The description and the course map. Some of the trail follows maintenance tracks and roads so keep an eye out on these sections bynyip vehicle traffic.

This track crosses the road you drove in on and continues down towards Diamond Creek. Walking Suggested short walks1. A superb walk that winds through woodland and a beautiful wet heathland. Great track notes on your blog and we found the ParkVic map was extra helpful because there are SO many foot tracks, walking roads and driving roads in there.

See a mosiac of green from heathland on river plains to Mountain Ash forest covering steep slopes.

Site by Invisage Creative Services. If you have any stories, updates or corrections, please let us know by commenting below. Although the walk is quite gunyip overall, you might notice the path gently ascending at first before dropping slightly into the wet heathland area.

Sedges, such as Button-grass, are tufted plants and over time develop quite dense and tall stools from which the leaves grow. Tanjan on January 22, at 9: Funghi on Ferres Track.


There are interpretive signs along the way, describing the vegetation. Neil on February 2, at 9: If you are walking in Spring you will encounter many bright yellow ‘rods’ along the way, the Spike Wattle in bloom.

Bushranger’s Bay Trail Cape Schanck.

Add additional markers to build your walking route. The road in is quite nice with some large monoliths! Great to hear you got better views than we did!

Bunyip State Park | Four Wheel Driving & Trail Bike Riding Visitor Guide

I’m hunyip there’s somewhere else you might be able to find one but MMC has never failed me. Select items to indicate conditions for access to the trail. The track finally returns to Guide Track. Boardwalk A boardwalk allows the waker to keep their feet dry while giving the opportunity to explore parts of the wet heathland that would otherwise be hard to access.

Thanks again for all the great info. Neil Fahey on April 26, at 1: Climb Ben Nevis on December 30, at Contact information Call Parks Victoria on 13 Send the park team staet message.

This makes the walk attractive and informative for other walkers. Previous Gembrook Local on January 13, at