Canon Et QL17 manual online. Canonet QL17 Film Camera pdf manual download. Film Camera Canon Canonet G III QL17 Instructions Manual. (28 pages). Canon. G-II QL. CANON. CANON. SN: NO. 50 CO. Canonet QL (1 Focusing Lever Before using your Canonet G-III, Insert the battery on the tab in. The Canonet QL 17 GIII is the final, high-end version of Canon’s famous It offers shutter-priority autoexposure, or unmetered manual mode. Steven Gandy’s overview at Cameraquest; Canonet QL17 versus the Leica M6.

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Canonet QL17 GIII Battery Check Light | Photography Forums

This was an easy fix as there are no flash wires soldered to the top. Custom Bundle see all. I have the aperture ring set on “A” and I can turn the shutter speed dial and see the match needle in the view finder move through the meter scale accordingly.

This mechanical system can be superior to electronic systems, since it can’t be fooled by subject reflectance. I didnt notice any difference with the lenses. It also features a quick load QL film loading system that works quite remarkably. I think the camera 2 is the less frequently found for sale on internet, it is my favorite one and it is the only Canonet I still have.


I’m a big fan of the QL17 as you can probably tell by reading the review on my web sitebut be prepared to replace the light seals when you do get one. Pull the top cover and then you should easily see what’s shorting it out weak return, corrosion etc. All Auction Buy It Now.


Therefore, if qql17 own a handheld light meteryou can use this camera without a battery. In shutter-priority mode, the automatically selected aperture is indicated in the viewfinder by a needle over an aperture scale. Pic on left shows the plastic covered PC connection, the battery test button with the battery test light, and the very large convenient lever rewind.

If the rewind lever does not turn when you advance the film, the film is not loaded correctly. The camera only supports a maximum film speed of ASA. It is my favorite for the following reason: There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time.

Canonet QL17 vs G-III QL17

Agreed on the battery check button. Images are copyrighted with all rights reserved. I popped a new Wein Cell PX battery in it and pressed the check light button — and nothing.

I just want to make sure the meter’s working as it should. The viewfinder is large, bright and very usable, though admittedly not up to Leica M standards.

Its specifications are pretty nifty for its genre. Shutter speed is accurate from low to high. It qll17 too small and too tight to work for me.


Share This Page Tweet. Find More Posts by elwrongo. Since I’ve acquired a newer film rangefinder, I haven’t been using it as often. The meter is completely off in manual mode, so it will not suggest an aperture setting to use.

Place the film leader across the take up spool as shown on the interior diagram, close the camera, advance the film twice, and start shooting. Aperture blades are oil free. Pretty happy with that Delivery Options see all.

Canonet QL17 vs G-III QL17 | Photography Forums

Slight fungus in the lens. Things to look out for are rotten seals, broken light meter, mould and worn out rewind levers. The GIII manual says that it has a re-designed lens. One of the nicest black paint copies I’ve seen. WJ, go to the “classic camera repair forum” website. Lots of them were made, and some of them were great, but none was more popular canonwt the Canonet.

I agree that it’s probably a bad bulb or bad contact. The mechanical shutter functions perfectly under manual settings with no battery whatsoever.