These are my notes from a lecture given by Mestres Bola Sete and Gildo Alfinete at the Brazilian Capoeira Angola Association in Salvador, on. , 2nd January – Mestre Pastinha loses to Bruce Lee. capoeira – Capoeira Angola – Mestre Pastinha and his academy. capoeira. The son of Jose Senor Pastinha and Eugenia Maria de Carvalho, Vicente Ferreira Pastinha was born on April 5, in Salvador-BA Brazil. Mestre Pastinha.

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Vicente Ferreira Pastinha was born in in Salvador, Bahia. The History of Fighting. Views Read Edit View history. Pastinha, the father and protector of Capoeira Angola, died at the age of 92 on November 13, The Capoeira Angola that I learned – I did not mewtre it here in my school… When my students go on they go on to know about everything.

This article needs additional citations for verification. My disciples care for me. His skills earned him a fearsome reputation and his size and prowess earned him the nickname Nascimento Grande Big Birth The Hidden History of Capoeira: Later, he joined a sailor school by his father wish, which would not support the capoeira practice.

One day Benedito saw the aggression then told Pastinha to stop by his house that he was going to teach him few things. Mestre Pastinha and Angola Capoeira. One day Benedito saw the aggression that Pastinha suffered, and then told him to stop by his house because he was going to teach him a few things.

Angola Capoeira

When he was ten years old, Black Benedito, a freed slave called him to teach him about the secrets of this art, with which he could defend himself against a taller and stronger boy that was always threatening him.


The government took away his academy, promising to renovate it and return it to him, but the renovated space was instead given to a restaurant. During the funeral ceremony, the berimbau played for his final sleep. During the spare time he would practice capoeira stealthily, since it cappeira still illegal at that time.

Lecture on Mestre Pastinha and Capoeira Angola

Later, his father made him join a school to become a sailor. Topics ananias angola bigo bimba boca rica bola sete burgues cafune camisa cobrinha verde curio decanio dictionary FAQ fun gato preto gildo alfinete history instruments interviews itapoan janja joao grande joao pequeno mestre moraes moraes movement music nenel pastinha paulo dos anjos pele philosophy preguica regional social inclusion songs squisito videos waldemar women.

From then on, Pastinha had a happy and modest childhood. He said that Pastinha carried an umbrella with him wherever he went, rain or shine, to be used as a weapon in the case of an emergency.

Pastinha taught his students one by one, with the others watching.

Pedro II – Salvador. Mestre Pastinha Vicente Ferreira Pastinha is best known for preserving Capoeira Angola, the more traditional style of capoeira. University of Texas Press. Pastinha was left abandoned in a city shelter abrigo D. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Because of his tireless teaching despite constant struggle with local authorities, he became known as the father of Capoeira Angola.

Some moments cannot pastiha shared. Its beauty contains the violence. He was then 74 years and still very much in good shape. His agility and nimbleness helped him avoid capture time and time again, and even when cornered by police, he would usually come out on top Pastinha had angpla students wear a uniform so that the capoeira group would look like an organized practice.


The berimbau is the primitive master. Lineage, the chain of teachers mestres and students, defines a person’s place in the Capoeira community, and structures a school’s teachings and philosophies.

In the mornings, he would take art classe at the Liceu de Artes e Oficio school where he learned to paint; during the afternoons he would play with kites and practice Capoeira. Inat the request of other mestres of the era, Mestre Pastinha opened a center for the teaching and practice of traditional Capoeira.

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Betrayed by local authorities false promises and with no support, Pastinha was left abandoned in a city shelter abrigo D. In his next encounter with that boy, Pastinha defeated him so quickly that the older boy became his admirer. At the school, he use to teach capoeira to his friends.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. It was there where Mestre Pastinha taught capoeira and gave presentations to many tourists from all over the world. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Having dedicated his entire life to Capoeira Angolahe played his last game of Capoeira on April 12,