ChemSketch has two modes, each with different toolbar functions: You will start in individual features, please consult the software manual or Help menu. ACD/ChemSketch is a powerful structure drawing and naming software program. This Technical Note After all radicals have been created, choose the manual. Introduction to ChemSketch. ChemSketch is a free download for educational use. It can be used to produce structures of organic molecules, names of organic.

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Choose the element you want from the periodic table. You may want to get an older version of ChemSketch. The Template Window and Organizer is an extensive collection of structures and drawings organized by type, such as sugars, steroids, etc.

The program chrmsketch adjusted the geometry of the 2D sketch to the lowest energy molecular conformation anti staggered. Getting and installing ChemSketch C. It is up to the user to specify atoms other than C or H.

Again, practice copying examples. In addition to the buttons in both modes, there are tool panels that apply formatting to your structure and drawing.

Structure Drawing- Manual

You can copy from other applications and paste into ChemSketch. Each tool seems to behave slightly differently depending on whether you single or double-click, drag, etc.

This method requires using one more program, but may be useful if you are already familiar with RasMol. Toggle among them by right-clicking, or by pressing one of the toolbar buttons or choose View on the menu bar. Whether it is on or off by default varies with the version; in version 14, manuak seems chejsketch be off.


Draw 2-butene, following the usual procedures. If you want to remove a name that ChemSketch has put on the screen Also, ChemSketch is in “structure” mode, as indicated by the word “Structure” being lit up dhemsketch row of buttons, at left.

Open the file in RasMol. Double bonds may or may not chemsketh in the 3D module — depending on the “view”. The good news is that you can actually do this within either module. Now, put a Cl at the 2-position replacing the H.

This is shown at the left. This section will show you how to draw some other molecules. Version 11 introduced one setting that may well be worth a try. Or you can choose an item from the list there, and press insert. It saves the file in a format that can be read by RasMol.

Just click on the bond over and over, and you will toggle among these choices. Except for this one special step, specifying the file type, viewing the file in RasMol is entirely normal. The “Copy to 3D” function does not seem to know whether you actually have a 3D structure.


In this example, wedge bonds are used to show a specific stereoisomer at a stereocenter. To do this, choose a wedge bond tool, and then click on the desired bond. There are similarities and differences between them. You should now see H 3 C-CH 3 which is ethane.

Sometimes you want to label an “atom” a particular position on a structure with something other than an ordinary element symbol. ChemSketch will run fine “out of the box”. Is there any difference between the two methods? ChemSketch will put wedges wherever chemskeych tell it to — even if they are physically unreasonable. When you open the Template Window, there is a menu of collections on the left, but clicking manyal the drop-down box will reveal many more.

Draw any molecule and dock it flexibly to any protein with coordinates known

You now have the 2D structure for ethanol Fig Use the “atom chemical properties” chemskketch. Similarly, Save As and Export are now equivalent. Use the continuous chain tool and the “C” atom button to draw a zig-zag with 4 carbons. There is also a tool button for this feature: There is no need for brackets, charges, aromatic specifications, etc.