Pruebas que evalúan el estado del hierro: Hierro del compartimiento funcional: Ferremia: Capacidad total de saturación de hierro (CTSH). Transcript of Clasificacion de anemias. Disminución de la capacidad transportadora de oxigeno de la sangre. Adaptaciones fisiológicas. ANEMIAS. Dra. Ma. De la Luz Mendizábal R Hematóloga CLASIFICACION DE ANEMIAS Clasificación de Anemia. Relativa a) Macroglobulinemia.

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Most labs will report the result of the reticulocyte count in percent of all rbc’s counted. Los reflejos pueden estar atenuados o exaltados. National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.

Clasificación morfológica de las anemias by Ernesto Griego Melo on Prezi

Food and Nutrition Bulletin, vol. Clinical anemlas and symptoms of anemia When the above mechanisms are overwhelmed by the increasing magnitude of the anemia, or when the demands of physical activity or intercurrent illness overwhelm them, a clinical disease state becomes apparent to the physician and to the patient.

It should be noted that, although there are many adjustments that can be made, one that cannot is decrease in the tissue requirement for oxygen.

The serum haptoglobin concentration then decreases. Existen tres tipos de trascobalaminas: As the following diagram shows, it is possible to be severely anemic and have a normal hematocrit and hemoglobin. It is critical to address these barriers, using research, to effectively prevent iron deficient anemia [27]. Excessive iron consumption or overload can be harmful, potentially clasificaacion to iron overload and blood disorders [21]. Food Nutrition Bulletin, Pathophysiologic Consequences, Classification, and Clinical Investigation 3.


Otras, como artefactos del recuento eritrocitario, presencia de crioaglutininas, hiperglicemia, hipernatremia. National Agendas of Research Priorities. An intervention in rural Vietnam measured the effects of iron supplementation and iron fortified milk on the hemoglobin status of pregnant women.

Although by definition total body red cell mass is decreased in anemia, in the chronically anemic patient the total blood volume paradoxically is increased, due to increased plasma volume. Universal iron fortification of foods: All of the substances whose names are boxed in the diagram are those whose laboratory measurement is feasible and helpful in documenting hemolysis. Clearly, one needs to find some way to correct the raw retic count so as to avoid this problem.

Cochrane Database of Systematic ReviewsIssue Iron fortification is a cost-effective option: One must be careful in blindly applying this practical definition of anemia in every case. Investment in preventing and managing micronutrient malnutrition results in improved health, a reduction in child and maternal mortality, and better earnings with a ‘benefit-to-cost ratio’ of almost 13 to 1 [2].

En la tabla I se resumen las causas de deficiencia de vitamina B The severity of clinical symptoms bears less relationship to the severity of the anemia than to the length of time over which the condition develops.

The ratio of the number of myeloid to erythroid precursors the M: The United Nations University.

This occurs when there is rapid hemorrhage, with red cells and plasma being rapidly lost simultaneously, before the body can respond by hiking up the plasma volume.


Laboratory measurement of haptoglobin is fairly easy and yields useful information to assist in documenting decreased rbc life span. Iron deficiency anemia compromises a child’s ability to learn, further compromises its future prospects and, in aggregate terms, hinders clasififacion development of the population. Should it not find the succor of oxygen, it would escape to a feral existence of unsavory chemical reactions, where it would find itself in the company of the opprobrious Free Radicals, miscreants whose only purpose is the steric vandalism of the macromolecular cathedrals anemiae life.

Anemia microcítica

En la tabla 2 se resumen la principales causas. Therefore, it is crucial to deploy research strategies with sound metrics allowing valid results comparable between countries and addressing health equity absence of avoidable and unfair differences in health.

Geneva, World Health Organization, http: As you have probably come to expect, the distinction of these categories is not always absolute. In addition, the hyperdynamic state of the circulatory system can produce palpitations and roaring in the ears. Hemoglobinopathies and Thalassemias I. Research in practice It is critical to diagnose the cause of iron deficiency for appropriate treatment.

World Health Organization; Effects of various iron fortificants on sensory acceptability and shelf-life stability of instant noodles. The cut-off values vary by age, sex, altitude, smoking, and pregnancy status 1.