I followed the Foundation One training programme, which aims to get Coach Sommer has named all the exercises in his material, himself. Christopher Sommer’s amazing new courses, Foundation One and Handstand Foundation One and Handstand One are available at The bulk of their progress came before Foundation, using mostly their To expand on one of your points, “Coach” Sommer’s argument that.

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No need to add weight until the pattern is correctly worn in, and the tissues have adapted… Like Like.

You have good sound quality and the variety of subject and people you have had on has made it enjoyable to listen to. How can they all be right?

Do you have to put barbell training on hold for this program or can you incorporate it with barbell work? Several of his students have come from essentially no background and used his stuff to make great gains which would be considered advanced here. Second of all, people do not start with a 20 kg bar. Inside Foundation — Trainingsnomaden. Yeah, I’m in the same situation as you. These experts sometimes have conflicting beliefs Pavels belief of strength being the most important while Chris saying that you should be fully mobile before engaging in strength.


I still consider his work to be pretty thought out and some of the most complete routines available. Thank you in advance!

Planches out of the gate were NOT in the cards. I tried all kinds of programming from 3x per week to 7x per week. Speed and reps can just be as damaging for gyymnasticbodies tissue. Ready to set another goal! Go have a look at it, it is viewable if you google the pdf. What might you recommend till then? Straddle Up 5 x 15 reps. As an example I had been stuck on tuck hollow body rocks 4 x 36r for 2 months total! There was a promise of vids in the podcast and I am super interested 2 knee surgeries last year for meniscus somme and back in pain again now.

Good bymnasticbodies Tim and Coach Sommer: Should you take a day to try the 5x60s mastery when moving onto a new exercise, then calculate where you are from there?

I could find any evidence of the handstand chronicles was ever released. Do know what you need but I will continue to pass the word about what you do! She was about to go in for surgery when her sister-in-law insist she find an upper cervical chiropractor which is what I do.

If you look in H1, there is a programming schedule to achieve both F1 and H1 side-by-side. I had to eventually decided to choose one; the planche OR the front lever. Then immediately after releasing progressions there were a ton of websites that went over planche and front lever stuff. Paul Grilley is a great addition to the conversation. I just see the RR as a way to get people going so are more active and may get interested in other, more advanced and in depth things.


I will never step a foot in an gym. Awesome to hear Coach Sommer share some of his knowledge. Thanks again Like Like.

“Coach” Christopher Sommers of Gymnastic Bodies – A review : bodyweightfitness

It all depends on the person and their training history, recovery rate etc. The thing is “Coach” Sommer is used to training children who, while they may be cheeky, disobedient, etc. Forgot the Overcast link. Kirsty, another of our Lead Trainers, works on her planche.

Gymnastic exercises for strength

Yeah, I think it’s sonmer bit of a mix. All I can hope for is to gather enough information to explore what seems to work for me and go with that. I appreciate the reply.

Can I ask, what is your motivation for training, right now? Both approaches are incorrect.