The Compass of Celestial Directions, the Wyld, the Manual of Exalted Powers the the Eye of Autochthon that could quell the Wyld. The. Exalted of the Old. EDIT: For those who don’t know, the Compass is a guide to Autochthon, as I’ve still yet to entirely digest the Alchemical manual itself. On the. The Compass of Terrestrial Directions, the Scavenger Lands, the West, the East, the. South their world-god, or has Autochthon’s flight led only to his demise?.

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Originally Posted by Mr Bookworm. The Abyssal Monstrances outrage him on both a cosmological and a personal level, but they also frighten him, for Taru-Han could point to their very existence as evidence of his incompetence during an audit. They were finally able to establish the systems and regulations—and power structures—that many of them had long dreamed of.

Senior Bureau members form committees to discuss what abstract concepts are theoretically subordinate to or included in other concepts, stacking these bodies with members chosen to support their own agendas, resulting in yet more politics and paperwork. This book uses the supernatural for settings, characters and themes. A secretive fraternal order, the Architects trade favors among themselves like candy among school children. True, many gods still clung to the standards of excellence established by the Unconquered Sun at the dawn of his reign, but in Heaven, as in most bureaucracies, one who works for the good of all is often no match for one who works only for his advancement.

In those days, Heaven functioned as it should, overseen by the Solar Exalted according to the wishes of the Unconquered Sun. Created by the death of Primordials in their war with the Exalted, the Underworld is now home to billions of ghosts who have escaped the Cycle of Reincarnation.

The Celestial Exalted also employed this Bureau as a secondary defense force, using it to help drive back Fair Folk incursions. It is subdivided into five bureaus, each of which has its component divisions, departments and other subsidiary entities. Deprived of the Aerial Legion, Ryzala instead decided to use the celestial lions as shock troops.

Yu-Shan is either part of Creation ty. The Carnival of Meeting is nearly the sole source of prestige and power for the Court of Seasons. The final major battle took place in the surviving First Age city of Tchoto-killi in the far Northwest.


The Compass of Celestial Directions, Vol.3: Yu-Shan (Exalted RPG)

When Yaogin so desires, he touches the broach and his body silently disintegrates into a swarm of colorful butterflies that dissipate and then reappear in the twinkling of an eye wherever in Yu-Shan the god wishes.

By far the most common albeit the most pedestrian flying ship in Yu-Shan is the aerial rickshaw. The Incarnae, recognizing a good idea when they saw it, refined the court system into the twin bureaucracy structure that exists more or less to the present day. Finally, it presents the Archipelago of the Exiles, an island chain in the uttermost West of Creation where spirit exiles from Heaven bide their time and wait for their chances to return to the City of Splendors.

Throughout the early First Age, the annual convocation was a somewhat sedate affair. Ryzala is the most powerful god in Yu-Shan, enjoys power, and more to the point, enjoys using her power: Two years ago, the Sidereal Chairman of the Convention of Air died of natural causes at the age of 4, The prayer is cross-indexed with the current climatic patterns, the patterns for the last ten years and the documented wishes of any deities celestual have an interest in the area or local events such as upcoming battles, then deposited with the Department of the current Season.

Though materials spun of Quintessence equal the greatest available in Creation, anything made from Ambrosia far surpasses mere mortal limitations.

A Sidereal or an Eclipse Caste Solar who has some experience with heavenly society can attempt to bluff her way out of custody by persuading the canal god that her use of the gold lane is authorized by the laws of Heaven. At the other end of things, there is the elemental pole of smoke, which is if possible even more nasty.

The Kukla ascends to become the first greater elemental dragon and is bound by the Unconquered Sun. The wards are equally effective on the most powerful Celestial Exalt as they are on the lowliest mortal peasant. Any elemental or deity in the Bureau direvtions displayed personal responsibility or drive or any inclination to organize the other members of the Bureau was promptly demoted or audited.

The Crown was his personal gift to Merela, who he considered the most powerful and skilled of the Solar generals who had survived the Primordial War. But more and more, their impact is being felt, across Yu-Shan and Creation both.


But at no point did the Incarnae ever miss a single turn at the Games of Divinity.

Perhaps she is a schizophrenic compulsive liar, and the outrageous stories she tells are amusing to gods who have understanding of mental illness. The Department of Celestial Concerns is responsible for the governance of Heaven. Various secret societies move through Yu-Shan, weaving their plots, as the censors stand oblivious to the machinations of the Architects and the Shining Glass Club or the potential anarchy of the Vindicators, let alone the subversive menace of the Listeners of Silence.

Eventually, the chief Incarna delegated most of his authority over the day-to-day running of Yu-Shan to the Bureau of Heaven so that he could direct his full attention to the Games.

The Compass of Celestial Directions, Vol Yu-Shan (Exalted RPG) – PDF Free Download

When Luna takes the lead, the moon shines down by her fickle whim from anywhere upon the Sky Dome and in any phase, but compass sheds light as if by a full moon on an early starless evening.

These were all beings who specialized in aggressive weather—storms, tornadoes, and the like—rather than those who were responsible for tasks such as the rotation of the seasons or the adjustments of rainfall.

Craft that make use of the golden lanes travel too fast to be seen clearly from shore, and few can take part in all the pleasures of a luxury cruise when a journey lasts for mere minutes.

The prayer ascends to Heaven, where a sub-minister files it with the Bureau of Seasons. Today, a mortal who attends the Carnival of Meeting gets there by one of two means: It may be endorsed by sub-clerks of the bureau, bearing in mind the climate of the area and any accompanying sacrifices. Actually achieving that goal soon proved to be more difficult than the hardliners realized.

Some critics have pointed to this division of labor, and the rather ham-fisted way it was introduced, as the beginning of dissension between the Celestial and Terrestrial gods. Few gods, however, realize just how many favors the Court calls in every year to get help for celestiak Carnival, not to mention just how much of the work is done pro bono by anonymous junior clerks.