The Articles of Impeachment against Chief Justice Renato C. Corona . including paragraphs and , of the Impeachment Complaint and on all the Articles. The impeachment complaint against Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno comes 5 years after her predecessor, the late Renato Corona, was. Tragically, the Verified Impeachment Complaint is not such a noble impeachment of Chief Justice Corona; facially, it is a challenge to certain.

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How similar are the Sereno and Corona impeachment cases?

VIII of the Constitution provides: The prosecution explained the connection with Castillo’s tax returns and the case, saying that the Impeschment couple did not have the financial resources to buy the property for P18 million from the Corona couple. The last Article deals with Corona’s failure and refusal to 1 report the status of the Judiciary Development Fund and the Special Allowance for the Judiciary ; 2 remit to the Bureau of Treasury SAJ collections; 3 account for funds released and spent for unfilled positions in the Judiciary; 4 remit fiduciary funds in the amount of P5.

This will be updated as proceedings continue. Garcia also inpeachment that his bank did not leak Corona’s bank records.

Corona’s defense also presented themselves, with defense chief Serafin Cuevas presenting Corona at the gallery, and entered a plea of not guilty on behalf of the defendant. The rules are cognizant of the fact that human judges could err and that it would merely be fair and right for them to correct their perceived errors upon a motion for reconsideration.

This intemperate demonstration of political might is a fatal assault on the independent exercise of judicial power. Enrile allowed the presentation of the Supreme Court’s alpha list. Madison, supra, “simply can not become law. At the Senate, after the prosecution had presented witnesses and evidence for Articles 2, 3 and 7, House prosecutor Niel Tupas, Jr. According to Maglasang v.

Judicial and Bar Council, et al. She said that the Coronas paid three installments within one year, in The defense pointed out that several senators were acting as private prosecutors.


And if that judge is the one designated by the Constitution to exercise the jurisdiction of his court, as is the case with the Justices of this Court, the deprivation of his or their judicial power is equivalent to the deprivation of the judicial power of the court itself.

Betrayal of public trust should be limited to grave violations of the most serious nature, lest impeachable officers fall prey to all sorts of frivolous charges. The senators asked the connection between Corona’s purchase of the property, and Article II of the articles of impeachment; prosecutor Elpidio Barzaga replied that the Corona’s purchase of the property was not included in his SALN. The second instance of betrayal of public trust involves the Vizconde massacre case. As earlier argued, Maglasang v.

Corona was a one-time taxpayer for a property transaction on September 9, The savings for andthough not accumulated under Corona’s term as Chief Justice, had also been submitted to Congress during the budget hearing.

Documents on the Corona impeachment trial | Official Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines

According to Complainants, this is an admission that various persons were able to communicate with CJ Corona in an attempt to influence him in the case. Enrile asked the prosecution to invite Justice Sereno instead of summoning her, as the Senate had already voted not to issue subpoenas on Supreme Court justices, with Senator Francis Escudero adding that it is the prosecution’s job to present its witnesses, and they should not rely on the Senate’s summoning powers.

In a press conference, the prosecution team revealed that Corona owns a high-end penthouse condominium unit in Bellagio, Fort BonifacioTaguig worth To disqualify any of these constitutional component members of the Court — particularly, as in the instant case, a majority of them — is nothing short of pro tanto depriving the Court itself of its jurisdiction as established by the fundamental law.


Carla Corona-Castillo, was able to buy an 18 million-peso property from her mother Cristina despite only having a monthly taxable income of 8, pesos.

The Senate ordered Banal to return to the court on the next session day. Retrieved September 30, Aquino included, hopes for a Supreme Court that consistently rules in his favor.

She discusses alpha lists in the Supreme Court’s tax records.

Tupas then said that they would no longer pursue the testimony of Justice Maria Lourdes Serenoand they would rest the case with reservation. After deliberation, the Supreme Court en banc accepted the referral from the Second Division and proceeded to act on the case.

Complaont called attention to the landmark case of Francisco vs. The allegations are conjectural and speculative. While the Justice Committee has found, after 18 complaunt starting in November last year, probable cause to impeach Sereno, the complaint still has to be presented to the other members of the House during their plenary session.

To complaont, this issue was settled by the Supreme Court in De Castro v. These are funds coming from Rule of the Rules of Court and from increases in fees which may be imposed by the Supreme Court after R.

The Third Article alleges that Corona betrayed public trust in three specific instances. Mendoza as members and Justice Jose C. L, 18 February His allegation is pure hearsay and speculation, hardly a ground for impeachment. President Aquino wanted Corona removed because the latter set aside the Constitution to impeachhment the interests of Mrs.

Corona has adequately answered and is prepared to face her accusers before the appropriate forum.

The Senate based their subpoenas from documents submitted by the prosecution. There is no turning back”. Special raffle of cases.