Buy The Cosmic Ordering Service: ‘It’s fantastic’ (Noel Edmonds) by Barbel Mohr (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and. Cosmic Ordering Service has ratings and 15 reviews. Stephen said: Possibly the most gleefully stupid book I’ve ever read in my life. Full of the utmo. Oct 1, The Paperback of the Cosmic Ordering Service: A Guide to Realizing Your Dreams by Barbel Mohr at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on.

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Aug 11, Stargazer rated it it was ok. I am entitled to be happy, content and rich in all respects. Placing your Cosmic Order will only take a few moments. Rather than bombarding the cosmos with repeated orders, Mohr advises readers to complain to the universe. Hilariously, towards the end the author can’t even be bothered to finish writing the book, and just prints her notes in bullet form!

Relationships The Women Men Adore! Whether it is our own creative thoughts, or some other power that finally manifests our desires is a question for each individual and one of the wonderful mysteries of life. Research shows that people who write down their needs and goals are more likely to achieve them. Bad Soldier Chris Ryan.

The Cosmic Ordering Service

You could wish for much, but you automatically associate the word ‘wish’ with barble fact in your mind that you can’t contribute to its fulfilment and that it happens more or less randomly or even not at all.


Causes and Cures Heart Transplants: Thank you Angels and the Universe for a very positive I have discovered a kind of spiritual telephone, through which I can communicate my wishes to this force in the same way that one would order a pair of jeans from a mail-order company.

With new and exciting ways to make Cosmic Ordering work for you, Barbel takes you further than you have ever been, and shows that the only thing that stops you from achieving anything your desire is your own imagination. The next adventure provides a deeper illumination of the techniques you can use to place an order with the universe — you just need to decide what orderjng want, and then sit back and watch your wildest dreams become reality.

Cosmic ordering service

Is it possible to order for somebody else or does it work for yourself mhr This means that everybody orders unconsciously in any case because nobody is completely uninvolved in what they experience and what they come across.

This book will appeal to the slow-witted, the extremely gullible, and anyone who wants to be told, you will get everything you want, all you have to do is hope – and cosmicc this ridiculous book.

Sanja Jankovic rated it it was ok Apr 25, She tells us sagely that there is “increasing evidence” for the existence of a spirit world – oddly she neglects to provide any footnotes pointing us in the direction of this evidence. With the word ‘order’ you associate that you are entitled to a proper delivery.


The important thing however is that it works. I am entitled to the fulfilment of all these wishes.

The Case ‘Bärbel Mohr’

Jun 08, Stephen Theaker rated it did not like it. Please let me find a good house for our family where we all feel at home. Readers’ letters About us Contact us. The sources are laughable – for example entire pages of those notes are reproduced from three books by someone who wrote a letter to his god asking lots of questions and then found that – oooh!

That’s what the author said:.

The Cosmic Ordering Service

Negativity, closed thinking and anxiety will kill the process dead. And, what is more: Cosmic ordering service An interview with German bestselling author Barbel Mohr about the ‘cosmic ordering service’ 1.

Home Facts are Facts No. What a load barbbel twaddle! May 31, Karen rated it liked it Shelves: One assumes that basically everything is one and that you are able to connect with the power of the entirety.

And you don’t have to chant, medita If you’re holding this book in your hand, then you’ve already changed your life. Barbdl you for the profit I will be able to make in October.