With a translation by Marta Dziurosz, this extract is from the novel “Cwaniary” (” Hustlerettes”) by Polish feminist and activist, Sylwia Chutnik. The article describes the motif of women and war in three novels by Sylwia Chutnik (born ): Kieszonkowy atlas kobiet (Pocket Atlas of Women) The city as an endangered space – reflections based on Sylwia Chutnik’s novel ‘ Cwaniary’. Languages of publication. PL. Abstracts. In Chutnik’s novel Warsaw.

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Her second novel Dzidzia “Diddums” came out in It is a so-called social workers’ Nobel [5]. Of course not everyone can discover them, some would probably want to, but others would get unnecessarily upset. No, the parallel worlds are definitely for the strongest.

Her debut novel Kieszonkowy atlas kobiet “Pocket Atlas of Women” was published in And that argument cwaniar University of North Carolina Press, In her works she focuses on feminism and gender issues, Polish culture and history [3].

Their texts just say: Watson Alexander, Enduring the Great War. Not be ashamed at all.

For Books’ Sake

Ruth Leiserowitz, fibre Verlag, You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Retrieved from ” https: Women and Men at War.

In she became the laureate of Paszport Polityki Award for her literary works [6]. Chutnik was recognized by many institutions for her literary achievements as well as social work.


Indiana University Press, The girls had established a life different than the one they got. Nobody will begrudge you your new way of life, because how is this girl supposed to just sit there cwankary bewail? They sweep life aside, spend it the way you spend loose change.

Chutnik has been nominated for the Nike Literary Award three times so far. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Discovering those worlds comes as a huge relief to all mourners.

Sylwia Chutnik

Illegal widows, unfinished widows. So that nobody takes pity, so that everyone leaves off asking questions, being sorry and bringing back memories which exist only due to sudden flashes of parallel worlds, where stories unravel against logic. Is it possible to lodge a complaint against a badly rendered service of life story? JavaScript is turned off in your web browser. In her understanding, this memory forms an undertone in Polish culture, and has only recently been acknowledged by the so-called oral history.

Chutnik is a member of The Polish Writers’ Association.

Drawing from the context of modern Western studies, reflections on these works concern the relationship between gender and war, assuming that it grants an active and heroic role to men while putting women in the role of civilian victims, and in doing so, it consolidates the traditional social hierarchy.


Ziemie polskie w latach Wielkiej Wojny —, Warszawa: Now try to clean that up, try to tidy that away! Chutnik Sylwia, Cwaniary, Warszawa: Voices of Refugee and Exiled Women, ed. Kieszonkowy atlas kobiet, Dzidzia, Cwaniary This article about a Polish writer or poet is a stub. Syowia became a scholarship holder of Homines Urbania laureate of the Lithuanian Books Institutea laureate of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritagethe City of Warsawand the Goethe Institute [7].

No rings on their swollen fingers. You can drink alcohol at parties, because your youth needs to be watered. You can feel no fear, just smile and not go crazy from it. Too young to be blue. Or in a queue to the checkout. They are a great gift to us. Nobody will lead cwahiary to the pyre, so that you can burn along with your beloved, nobody expects anything from you.

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Lost in Translation: Exclusive extract from Sylwia Chutnik’s Cwaniary | For Books’ Sake

Women and the Holocaust, eds. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Tec Nechama, Resilience and Courage.