The Paperback of the The Inferno (John Ciardi Translation) by Dante Alighieri at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!. The Inferno (Dante Alighieri): The Immortal Drama of a Journey Here, we have one reading of Cantos I-VIII of the Inferno by poet John Ciardi. Praise. β€œIt is Mr. Ciardi’s great merit to be one of the first American translators to have reproduced [The Inferno] successfully in English. A text with the clarity and .

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Metaphors and symbolism are found in every line, and to give a complete description of all the interpretations that have been made would be a huge undertaking. Eliot’s Essay on Dante and has grown, in some quarters, to the proportions of a cult.

The Electra Dante mentions here is not the sister of Orestes see Euripi- des’ Electro but the daughter of Atlas and the mother of Dardanus, the founder of Troy. MacAllister Afterword by Edward M.

It requires approximately 1, triple rhymes to render the Inferno and even granted that many of these combinations can be used and re-used, English has no such resources of rhyme. With her shall I leave you, for the King of Time, who reigns on high, forbids me to come there since, living, I rebelled against his law.

To free you of this dread I will tell you all of why I came to you and what I heard 50 when first I pitied you. I glory in the glory I have seen! Tombs of every size stretch out before them, each with its lid lying beside it, and each wrapped inflames.

Hear Dante’s Inferno Read Aloud by Influential Poet & Translator John Ciardi () | Open Culture

If by this is xiv Introduction meant that many typically medieval attitudes are to be found in it, it is true: Only by a ruthless fiardi toward evil may the soul be purified, and as Christ is the symbol of ultimate perfection by rejection of Evil, so the birth of that rejection in Dante may aptly be greeted by the words of Luke, for it is from this that the soul must be reborn.


The Whites and the Blacks of Ciacco’ s prophecy should not be confused with the Guelphs and the Ghibellines. The whole poem purports to be a vision of the three realms of the Catholic otherworld, Coardi, Purgatory and Paradise, and a description of “the state of the soul after death”; yet it is peopled with Dante’s contempo- raries and, particularly in the materialistic realism of the Inferno, it is torn by issues and feuds of the day, political, religious and personal.

They both occupy singularly definitive places in their respective languages and literatures as well as in world literature, Kleiner suggested, and indeed no less a critical personage than T.

Second, it was written to exalt philosophy, “most noble daughter of the Emperor of the Universe,” and thus constituted a perilous deviation for a medieval Chris- tian. Such a thing was revolutionary in the first decade of the fourteenth cen- tury and called for an explanation which Dante gave in the form of an impassioned defense of what we call Italian.

Within two decades a half-dozen commentaries had been written, and fifty inferon later it was accorded the honor of public readings and exposition β€” an almost unheard-of trib- ute to a work written in the humble vernacular. Over the past quarter century, John Ciardi has come to be regarded as a mid-level, mid-century sante, [ citation needed ] one who was replaced in literary history by the more daring and colorful BeatConfessionaland Black Mountain poets.

Canto V 39 Love, which in gentlest hearts will soonest bloom, seized my lover with passion for that sweet body from which I was torn unshriven to my doom. Allegoric interpretation does not detract from the story dane told but is rather an added signifi- cance which one m ay take or leave. And watching their shadows lashed by wind, I cried: Sullen were we begun; sullen we lie forever in this ditch.

Oct 06, Pages. Here, there, up, down, they whirl and, whirling, strain with never a hope of hope to comfort them, not of release, but even of less pain. As the Poets pass, one of the damned sits up and asks if Dante recognizes him. These were Luke’s words to Christ.

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Everything about this Cir- cle cirdi a gigantic garbage dump. This is the highest state man can achieve with- out God, and the glory of it dazzles Dante, but he knows also that it is nothing compared to the glory of God. The biers stood with their lids upraised, and from their pits an anguished moaning rose on the dead air from the desolation of tormented spirits.

Full text of “The inferno”

And now what ails you? That is, “you were born before I died. In the second circle are punished those who sinned by excess of sexual infwrno. He shall hunt her through every nation of sick pride till she is driven back forever to Hell whence Envy first released her on the world.

The inferno

He was a man of saintly life, but allowed himself to be convinced by a priest named Benedetto that his soul was in danger since no man could live in the world without being damned. No tortured wailing rose to greet us here 25 but sounds of sighing rose from every side, sending a tremor through danre timeless air, a grief breathed out of untormented sadness, the passive state of those who dwelled apart, men, women, children β€” a dim and endless congress.

But in the later journey the Eighth Circle alone occupies thirteen Cantos. A literal transla- tion of the original would be “She is hidden like a snake in the grass. For you are my true master and first author, the sole maker from whom I drew the breath of that sweet style dants measures have brought me honor. Your Cerberus, if you recall, still wears 95 his throat and chin imferno for such arrogance.