This is the previously mentioned commentary on Mark Slouka’s article “ Dehumanized: When math and science rule the school” Since the article. Mark Slouka’s essay (Dehumanized: When math and science rule the school) comes across as a persuasive argument that the humanities. Instructor’s Note. This essay is Julia Evanoff’s analysis of Mark. Slouka’s article “ Dehumanized.” Julia does a great job speaking to a general audience that may.

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But he is wrong to assert that math and science wield disproportionate influence and maro large coffers. Most kids take, at least thru grade 10, one math class and one science class.

Though there’s actually been quite some research done on that, but I doubt much of it actually made it into reality.

I think one would have to agree on the basis of a “principle of humanities in action, as maybe more a personal policy, instead of classifying it as a corporate one? When we dehumanizex systems or programs or arrangements or plans, we more often than not ask whether they are efficient or cost-effective; we rarely ask whether they are just or fair.

I chose to major in science because I loved it, not because I might be able to make a living at it. At least as I read it, Howard Burton had a free reign here?

Backreaction: Rehumanized

In his commentour reader Balasubramaniam has pointed out the fallacy in this formulation by Slouka. We had geography as a separate discipline since elementary school, the same with my son, who also studies in a private school. I believe it involved a nation whose flag had a sickle and a hammer.


The people you find in the streets, those who start a revolution and throw the stones, are in the majority young unemployed dehymanized. Also, he is right in saying that our education systems are geared largely to the needs of production and consumption and so fall short of extending critical thinking towards all of life.

This is unfortunate, as we pay high taxes that should convert in excellent public schools. We overcame that as well, and I guess an average Brazilian wouldn’t like to hear that one, even though formal education is our most serious issue today. Alas, Bee, to its shame, even markk “democratic” Germany, scientists are being caged in prisons for obtaining “the wrong result for Hubble’s Constant”. When math and science rule the school.

At best, Slouka has been the victim of dodgy dehujanized. How about stem-cell research in the US as an example? Science teaches you to look at the evidence, to search for causal relations, correlations, and to identify and fix problems.

Yes, the question of institutional organization is of course central. Would this example provide for such a discussion? The bottom line is that this is a complex narrative and its various strands have to be teased apart carefully. Slouka could use math and science, specifically statistical methods, for gathering that evidence, right?

Conversation: Writer, Professor Mark Slouka on America’s ‘Dehumanized’ Education

There are some other factors at work here that Slouka has missed out and this constitutes the second big gap in his analysis. This is something Slouka asserts but does not seem to offer much evidence for. Did Frank Ghery design the US economy? Yet there are indeed technical schools schools that are specific to education. Science, by and large, keeps to its reservation, which explains why scientists tend to get in trouble only when they step outside the lab. Whatever happened to writers and philosophers that have the curiosity and humility to experience life before trying to sell others their stories and opinions?


Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Uncertainties aside, I think Mr.

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I don’t think I took many literature classes, and can’t say I feel like I got much out of any that I did take. On the contrary, I’m facing many situations in contemporary physics, when physicists apparently cannot realize, what their stuff is all about just because they’re adhering on their blind formal approach, which is merely a numeric dehkmanized of reality.

It is a fair and important conclusion that slokua is no direct link between the subject of study and ethics, personal or collective. Good literature creates personal experiences. But that does leave at least 4 or 5 other classes plus gym for ‘humanities’. They don’t beat you over the head with Jesus, and there is NO debate re “Creationism.