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In other words, the machine does not produce hazardous laser radiation. Adhesive that contains solvent e. Load envelopes into the manual bypass tray one at a time. Since radiation emitted by the laser is completely confined within a protective housing, the laser beam cannot escape from the machine during any phase of user operation.

This parameter can be used to specify the amount of memory that is available before the memory becomes full and scanning stops.

Toner cartridge for Develop Ineo

Follow the instructions in any messages that developp on the display. Failure to do this could damage the cord or cable, resulting in a fire, electrical shock, or breakdown.

Paper Source Setup A maximum of sheets of paper can be loaded into the multi bypass tray. Is the paper damp? Use of a damaged power cord exposed core wire, broken wire, etc.


Develop TN-114 Black Toner (11,000 pages)

This 2113 is not available if shift tray SF is installed. Warning And Precaution Symbols The laser diode and the scanning polygon mirror are incorporated in the print head unit. Detail The length of time until the auto panel reset operation is performed can be set to 30 seconds or a setting between 1 and 5 minutes. Do not dispose of this product together with your household waste! Otherwise, the document feeder oneo raised.

Download Centre – DEVELOP | Europe

Interrupting A Copy Job Adjusting the angle of the display 1 Press the display to adjust to any of three angles. Please keep this manual in a handy place near the machine.

Develop ineo User Manual pages 123 SORT The copies are automatically divided into the specified number of sets with each set containing a copy of each page of the multi-page document.

Laser Safety Label This machine is certified as a class 1 laser product. Entering the account number! Mode B cannot be set.

Detail The default settings can be changed from Utility mode. Ventilate the room at regular intervals. All other product and brand names are trademarks or revelop trademarks of their respective companies or organizations.


Paper orientation Lengthwise w If the length Y is longer than the width Xthe paper orientation is indicated by w. Placing the document on the original glass Press the [Density] key and select the desired copy density.

The indicator lights up in green to indicate that the machine is in Scan mode. Do not load so much paper into the multi bypass tray that the top of the stack is higher than themark.

The main screen appears again. Referred to as the “duplex unit” throughout the manual.

Within 30 seconds ineo To copy continuously on thick paper, postcards, overhead projector transparencies or envelopes, use the 1st paper drawer. A setting between 1 and 99 can be specified.