GUIA RAPIDA DIALISIS PERITONEAL AUTOMATIZADA – Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. Características, complicaciones y resultados clínicos de los pacientes tratados con diálisis peritoneal automatizada en la unidad de diálisis peritoneal del.

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Ann of clin mic Factors contributing to this include peri tonitis, catheter-related difficulties, viability of the peritoneal membrane and various psychosocial problems.

Of these deaths, The unmarried accounted for A significant majority of the patients rely on auyomatizada red cell transfusion to maintain their haemoglobin as well as to relieve symptoms of anaemia. However, when compared to data on HD, the mean age was similar.

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Los datos de pacientes fueron analizados. Impact of CPD on treatment of renal failure in patients aged over 60 years.

There are no data available from the Caribbean evaluating patients on PD. Am J Kidney disease; ; Management of blood pressure and lipid according to international guidelines should be followed.

Peritoneal dialysis PD first became a practical and widespread modality of renal replacement therapy in the s.

Therefore, careful attention should be paid to patient selection, timing and dose of PD, patients’ and family quality of life, maintenance of adequate volume status, maintaining serum biochemical parameters at recommended values, control of calcium-phosphate product and long term viability of therapy.

Of those who died due to automatozada Fig. Demographic data age, gender, address, marital statusyear of dialysis commencement, cause of end stage renal disease ESRDhaemoglobin, serum electrolytes, serology, blood pressure readings, medications used, blood transfusion and erythropoietin use were collated.


It involves the transport of solutes and water across a “membrane” that separates two fluid containing compartments. Characteristics, complications and outcome of patients treated with automated peritoneal dialysis at the peritoneal dialysis unit, University Hospital of the West Indies.

NDT Plus ; 1: Infection and cardiovascular disease were common complications observed in this study.

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The major causes of ESRD found in this population were hypertension, diabetes mellitus and chronic glomerulonephritis Fig. The geographic location of the patients on PD reflects a higher proportion in the Kingston as well St Catherine environs and this could simply be due to location bias as the PDU is located in this area.

High RRF trans late to less mortality in dialysis patients. Patient’s case files were all retrieved from the medical records department, UHWI.

En marcha un novedoso sistema de diálisis domiciliaria con monitorización remota de los pacientes

Peritoneal dialysis is one of the available renal replacement therapy for patients with end stage renal disease ESRD. Peritoneal dialysis has been documented in various studies to be a cheaper modality of renal replacement therapy when compared with haemodialysis.

J Am Soc Nephrol ; The mean haemoglobin from this study was 7. Despite this, technique failure rate and complica tion remain high. There was no data available for those who were in commonlaw union.

Dialisis peritoneal automatizada Pisa

De los fallecidos por autonatizada, Although further automqtizada showed that pneumonia However, death could not be ascribed to peritonitis in these four patients.


The PD first concept as practised in Hong Kong should be examined in this region. Quality of life over time in dialysis: The mean haemoglobin was 7. Despite advancements, peritoneal dialysis is plagued by different types of complications as revealed by this study. Report from the Caribbean Renal Registry, However, this can be attributed to the general low usage of erythropoietin as demonstrated in this study.

This will ultimately guide clinical decision and prescription management. Peritoneal dialysis for patients with ESRD offers many advantages, including better quality of life, preservation of residual renal function, and patients and care-giver flexibility and satisfaction. Correction of anemia with automayizada alfa in chronic kidney disease.

Characteristics of long-term PD Sur vivors, 18 years’ experience in one center.

Renal replacement therapy RRT in the Caribbean mainly comes in the form of haemodialysis and to a less extent, transplantation 1. Sickle cell disease was also seen in a significant proportion of these cases and this will have implications especially automatzada the mean haemoglobin concentration seen in the studies.

The repeated use of blood transfusion also has impli cations matching, selection and graft survival for patients being considered for renal transplantation.