You see, Frank Heffley actually thinks he can get his son to toughen up, and he enlists Greg in organized sports and other “manly” endeavors. Of course, Greg is . ‘The world has gone crazy for Jeff Kinney’s Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ – Sun Whether a loyal fan already or new to the Wimpy Kid books, THE GETAWAY is the perfect book for young readers of 7+, The Last Straw (Diary of a Wimpy Kid book 3). Rodrick Rules. Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Series). Book 2. Jeff Kinney Author Dan Russell Narrator (). cover image of The Last Straw.

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A sudden blizzard hits their town so all his family needs to stay home except for his father who can’t return home from work so he stays in a hotel near the highway. Diary dlary a Wimpy Kid. Later, when Greg, Frank, and Rodrick have a camping “do-over”, they end up at a hotel after heavy rain, where Rodrick locks Greg out of their room in his underwear. Greg realizes that the power is shut down in all of the rooms except for Manny’s room.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. They then realize they need to advertise their bazaar and they try to ask the local newspaper to do it. Cabin Fever is a bestselling and award-winning children’s book and the sixth book in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid serieswritten by American author Jeff Kinney.

To impress his dad and thereby avoid military school, Greg decides to join the troop Boy Scouts. The next day, his dad reconsiders his decision to send Greg to Spag Union, and the book ends with Greg looking forward to his summer vacation.

However, Greg doesn’t know that the headmaster gave his name to the police and that they are looking for him. In DecemberJeff Kinney announced that he was working on an animated adaptation of Cabin Fever to air around Christmas etraw A teaser trailer was attached to The Three Stooges.

In addition, his mother brings a doll which she calls “Santa’s Scout” that is meant to keep track of how he behaves and make his behavior better. Greg is afraid of this doll because his brother makes fun of him using it. They first try to do a cardboard home-made version of Pac-Manbut their plan fails as the cardboard of diarh game falls apart.



Greg starts playing a game lats “Net Kritterz” lxst is based on treating a virtual pet and requires paid features. Greg looks for it by shoveling the snow near the church off and he somehow gets an article in the local newspaper that tells he helped the residents by shoveling off the snow near the church and the story ends. All of a lf the color of the paper itself sticks to the school’s wall so they get in trouble. The book begins on January 1, with Greg talking about his family’s New Year’s resolutions.

Principal photography began on August 8, in Vancouver and was completed on October 7, The electricity comes back to his house and the blizzard stops; however, Susan never disciplined Manny for almost freezing his family.

Retrieved April 10, Archived from the original on April 12, This page was last edited filletype 14 Decemberat Afterwards, Rowley comes and tells Greg that everybody in their street has electricity so Greg checks the power box. Afterwards, Christmas comes and Greg looks for the gift he asked in the giving tree of his church.

They call some students and tell the whole school to tell them who done it anonymously if someone knows. Greg tries some bad ideas for getting money until he finds out that he can buy “Drummies”, tasty fried chickens that are sold in his school’s holiday bazaar, for less than his school sells so he decides to start his own holiday bazaar and he invites his best friend Rowley to do it with him. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: They start with hanging up posters at their school but, unfortunately, it starts to rain and all the ink spreads so they remove their posters.

The electricity goes off and his family stays extremely cold. Retrieved from ” https: The adaptation would explain how Manny managed to redirect the power all to wimly room and no one else’s. After this, Greg becomes more resigned to his military school fate, especially after his attempts to make a good impression on a girl named Holly Hills in his class.

At first, he rides the bench but becomes the starting goalie when the main goalie is injured. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved from ” https: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. But on what he thinks is his only day of summer vacation, Greg ends up inadvertently saving Frank from making a fool of himself at their neighbor’s birthday party. He takes a break to pick dandelions on the field, which ultimately costs his team the game.

Susan doesn’t want to give Greg money for that purpose so he has to earn money on his own. The story starts before Christmas, and Greg wants to behave well since he wants to get really good gifts for the holiday.

However, he is sick and misses their camping trip, which Frank has to go to anyway he is a chaperone and has a terrible time. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Manny gets off scot-free much to Greg’s dismay.

Diary of A Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw by matt caperello on Prezi

After conflicts over Greg wanting to stay inside and watch TV on Saturdays and Frank stealing his school snacks, Frank makes him sign up for intramural soccer after an incident at the church on Easter. Rowley keeps a note at the headmaster’s desk anonymously saying- “Me and Greg Heffley vandalised the school” out of Rowley’s own naivety and stupidity so the only one who gets in trouble is Greg.

After this, Frank runs into a neighborhood troublemaker named Lenwood who has apparently reformed after going to military school. Their newspaper doesn’t succeed so they decide to hang up posters that advertise their bazaar in their town. Greg also deals with being compared to his father Frank’s boss’s sons. As a punishment, the headmaster makes Greg clean the wall, which takes filrtype two hours.

Their school and the police start looking for thw done it and they do it at school first. Pages to import images to Wikidata. Use mdy dates from May Pages to import images to Wikidata. Archived from the original on May 19,