Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice The Official Strategy Guide * Platform: PlayStation3Trying to be a hero? Get some home schooling! Score the official strategy. For Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice on the PlayStation 3, GameFAQs has 9 FAQs ( game You can write and submit your own FAQ or guide for this game too!. For Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice on the PlayStation 3, Your knowledge and insight has been extremely useful in piecing together my strategies. I would also like to thank the writers of the various official published guides.

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As you take out the two casters some ranged guys are going to come down after you, so pull back a little and crush them where the terrain is a bit friendlier. Go fight some battles and you will eventually get a prompt that a Prinny with an afro!!

Fill your accessories with Sprinters or whatever dual-specialist you want. Lv Bishop x8 Lv Pilgrim x8 Toss or move someone towards the Aqua geo Reverse damageand destroy it with a heal as quickly as possible.

Lv42 Death x6 For this level you have to run a gauntlet of casting enemies while trying to match up the geos to bring them down. Lv9 Heavy Knight x4 Lv9 Heretic x2 Chest x1 Start by tossing the Red geo onto the blue tile then destroying it to cause a geo chain; use a ranged or magic attack if you can’t reach the geo. As a potential tactic to use, you can use throws to get characters in battle range then have them walk back out of the danger zone after they attack.

In the American Old West, the world’s greatest race is about to begin. On the tenth floor of oofficial Class World run, a portal will appear if you can eliminate all dosgaea the geos. I would only clear the geos if it was only one or two colors or the combination was easy to solve. Using long range attacks such as magic is also an option. Classroom Queen Enemies: I recommend that you go to the Homeroom in order to pass Robber Shop.


Double kill the Item God you can do the double kill in normal world basence When you have leveled to your heart’s content it is time to try to score some rank 39 items. Take note it doesn’t cover strategies for the add-on characters from PSN once the English versions get them and their events and mainly covers the main game and its already built in extra events. If you start a new sbsence again 2nd time without justiec the X-Dimension maps, you will lose LoC access.

After the two Axe guys are dead the spear guys will come which means you should take your magic casters back one row as they have a range of 2. Does not cover special add-on characters but helps with everything else of the game. In Disgaea 3, you can now capture humans but you still cannot capture enemies that you cannot create.

Simply keep on doing it until you have all of the innocents you want. Juxtice eliminates a great deal of minor memorization and keeps the process simple. Good thing you duped a whole bunch of items! The conventional thinking ignores aptitudes. Serums Serums hypothetically could max out all of your stats but is highly impractical.

The only absenc why you want to save after seeing one of the “bad” endings is that it unlocks songs that you can buy from the Music Shop. By assigning the characters to the same club and placing them next yuide each other in the Homeroom, you can easily transfer mana to whoever you want by grinding I recommend trying for a couple hours or until you have everything else you want including rank zero Barefoot X.

The difficulty ramps up very quickly in the Dixgaea Maps and you’ll need to do it very soon anyway. I suggest that you level up Mao to around level to so that you can survive in the higher levels of the Item World. If you follow my advice you should not have to “level up” at all outside of the story missions.

Disgaea 3 – Absence of Justice DoubleJump Official Strategy Guide Scan

DoubleJump releases a new product. Mao accepts the challenge and defeats him, stealing Almaz’s title in the process. Consider using the True Robber Shop with Statisticians to get the character to at least level 80 before you do Class World runs. Through Bribery – This method has been severely weakened compared to D2 due to how different type of monsters prefer different types of items.


If you get it working, you can dupe approximately 1 item per minute. Anyone not aboard when the ship leaves will automatically die, but anything that was thrown on board is considered captured.

Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice — StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki

Get informed when this item is in stock by using our Personal Agent from the right. If you character has a jump stat of 24 or higher you will be able to go over 2 crates at once, otherwise you’ll need to move the entire “ladder” to reach the top. If he isn’t standing on a -DEF tile throw him on there then juwtice him down. Thus, killing innocents will give you a subdued innocent of level 2 while tossing them on your ship will give you a subdued innocent of level 4.

Please login first Our privacy statement. Ashley rated it really liked it Mar 15, Generic characters you can create are generally quite a bit weaker than story characters at the Tier 1 level, so using Mao and other story characters are ghide. Throw the Blue geo onto the solitary green tile on the side and destroy it to create a small combo.

Depending on your level distribution, this strategy may or may not work for you. Prinny x2 Toss barrels at the prinnies to set off some beautiful fireworks while conveniently killing most of the low level enemies. After opening the paths just try to block up the narrow passageways and put your casters behind the front line.