PTERIDOPHYTA (TUMBUHAN PAKU) part 1 Regnum: Plantae Divisio: Sphenophyta Kelas: Equisetopsida Ordo: termasuk dalam divisi pteridophyta. Dengan. Baton Rouge, LA USA. Reference for: Pteridophyta. Publication(s). Author(s)/Editor(s). Publication Date: Article/ Chapter Title. Abstract. Article Info. Pteridophyta is a phylum of plants which is commonly known as ferns. About more than 12, different species of ferns.

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Daun berupa mikrofil dalam lingkaran, tidak bertangkai. PowerPoint PPT presentation free to view.

Pteris vittata – Wikipedia

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Famili Selaginellaceae Ciri-ciri Selaginellaceae Dikenal sebagai paku rane atau paku lumut Sebagian batang berbaring, sebagian tegak, bercabang menggarpu anisotom. Daun berupa mikrofil, dan terdapat suatu sisik yang dinamakan lidah ligula.

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For them, quality and safety is what ptridophyta deliver to their customers in the form of spare parts. Pteris vittatacommonly known variously as the Chinese brake[3] Chinese ladder brake[3] or simply ladder brake[3] is a fern species in the Pteridoideae subfamily of the Pteridaceae. Retrieved from ” https: Pteris vittata is often associated with limestone habitats.

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Pteris costata Bory P.

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PTERIDOPHYTA (TUMBUHAN PAKU) part 1 – PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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