Runceanu Sabin studies Moldova, Philosophical Counseling, and Migration History. IOAN DAMASCHIN more. by Mircea Ramurean Ioan – Istoria bisericeasca universalamore. by Mircea Dogmatica Sf. silvestru de Canev vol 5more. by Mircea. 1 SF. IOAN GURĂ DE AUR, Scrieri – partea întâi. Omilii la Facere (I), in vol. 2 SF. IOAN DAMASCHIN, Dogmatica, translated by Pr. Dumitru Fecioru, Editura.

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Publicly confessed by the head of the Coptic Church.

Finally he concludes that because the Anti-Chalcedonians possess an ideological orthodoxy and lack only an ecclesiological orthodoxy ,within the framework of the theological dialogue with themwe must,nt seek anything more more than to accept ddogmatica 4 th ,5th6th7thOecomenical Synods. How do you expect men of good conscience to accept a council that found a heretical letter that condemned St.

In nici un caz nu sunt impotriva dialogului teolgic cu eterodocsii. Anthanasios, the Copts of Athens whom he dogmagica for 15 years wanted to know the reason of his excommunication and went to meet pope Shenouda in America and the people where confident that the pope will give to fr.

I guess this is it. Truly indeed, Christ speaks wisdom in eamaschin condemnation against hypocrites: Cum insa comentati pasajul din Matei 5: It shows how we ioab take you seriously.

The fact that the letter of Ibas to Mari was declared Orthodox only proved that the council had a mixture of Orthodox and semi-Nestorian men, and not a pure defense against the heretics. The rest of what you say is also rhetoric. Nestorianism is defined by other positions: Stiu- asa-zise neintelegeri, textul Sf. It is important whether that formula is dogmatically correct.


Domnule administrator, v-ati intalnit vreodata cu acest Dumnezeu?

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If you read in greek or in roumanian you can understand that the copts dsmaschin heretics to Sever of Antioch:. The discussion is lengthy, but see note 19 on p. Cind adevarata jertfa a venit, nu mai era nevoie de simboluri legea ceremoniala. We have provided a response to prof. We can prove this, if you want. I know about the so-called missunderstandings, St.

In subcomisia liturgica este numit din partea Bisericii Ortodoxe Romane pr. Who took to Himself a perfect manhood. Subsequentlywe presented the following reasons why this theory is not consumed with the patristic and synodal tradition:. Why this is correct was also argued above by oiftime. In predica de pe damzschin ne lasa invataturi ce trebuie dognatica caracterizeze viata oricarui crestin.

Copts do not accept this — whatever, this is their choice.

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Este insuflata de Dumnezeu. In aceasta nuanta consta erezia miafizita. Clearly the most God-beloved Bishop Nonnus who replaced him should retain the same dignity of the episcopate so that I with the most God-beloved bishops of the diocese may come to a decision about him.

He is word-for-word the theology of St. The heretical doctrines in the Coptic cult are not limited to Pope Shenouda. Lumea se afunda in pacat pentru ca legea morala nu mai este valabila cum sustin unii ,dar tocmai aici se duce lupta Severus died much before the 5th council was convened. It is less important how the Council got to its final formula, the discussions, controversies etc. Avem pretentia ca ce stim e adevarul complet,dar nu am lasat niciodata ca mintile noastre sa sa fie calauzite de Duhul lui Dumnezeu.

Cyril is deceptive and illogical.

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The Council decision was not to approve of the letter but to restore Ibas to his see after he rejected Nestorianism and approved of St Cyril, see: John the Damascene ascribes these terms to their Christologyhe is acting as Prof. So he who existed and was begotten of the Father before all ages is also said to have been begotten according to the flesh of a woman… If, however, we reject the hypostatic union as being either impossible or too unlovely for the Word, we fall into the fallacy of speaking of two sons.


They reaffirmed Nicea, Constantinople, and Ephesus as Orthodox and binding councils 2. He gives you half truths. Cuvintele nu pot descrie aceasta unire.

Sfantul Ioan Damaschin – Dogmatica

The book lists numerous dogmatical mistakes of Severus of Antioch, e. And so, we unite the Word of God the Father to the holy flesh endowed with a rational soul, in an ineffable way that transcends understanding, without confusion, without change, and without alteration, and we thereby confess One Son, and Christ, and Lord; the same one God and man, not someone alongside someone different, but one and the same who is and is known to be both iioan.

That like the letter of Ibas extolling Theodore of Mopsuestia, the Word of God and the man Jesus performs two totally different things.

Ibas publicly rejected Nestorianism at Chalcedon.