DSE. Pin TSSOP. DSEN Pin TSSOP (Industrial). PIN ASSIGNMENT. DS Serial Alarm Real Time Clock (RTC) VCC2. 1. DS Maxim Integrated Real Time Clock Serial Alarm RTC 3-Wire datasheet, inventory, & pricing. Maxim Integrated DS+: available from 18 distributors. Explore Integrated Circuits (ICs) on Octopart: the fastest source for datasheets, pricing, specs.

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After the address, one. The maximum charging current can be calculated as illustrated in the following example. I have found a library for the DS which uses the SPI mode, so that one should have the logic down for controlling time and alarm registers. The DS does not write-protect itself in this configuration. T heDS The DS does not write datashset itself in thiswill power the Address and data bits are transferred in groups of eight.

This allows an easy interface to 3V logic in mixed supply systems.

The two interrupts datasheer the internal clock continue to run regardless of the level of VCC as long as a power source is present. IRQF1 is cleared when the address pointer goes to any of the Alarm 1 registers during a read or write. Unused supply pins must be grounded.

I will try the modified code in the next few hours, and post my results. Two time of day Alarms. From a quick overlook of the code I’d guess that changing the defines: The DS offers dual-power supplies as well as a battery input pin.

Features Real-time clock counts seconds, minutes, hours, date, month, day, year, and leap year to byte, battery-backed, nonvolatile NV RAM for data storage Two time of day Alarms Serial interface SPI or d1305 3-wire interface Dual-power supply pins for primary and backup power supplies Optional trickle charge output to Backup Supply Underwriters Laboratory UL Recognized.


The internal oscillator is designed for operation with a crystal having a specified load capacitance of 6pF.

Two programmable time of day alarms are provided by the DS Underwriters Laboratory UL Recognized. All other patterns disable the trickle charger. Each alarm can generate an interrupt on a programmable combination of seconds, minutes, hours, and day.

On initial application of power, this bit will be set to a logic 1. Values that correspond to the day of week are user-defined but must be sequential e. Initial power-on state The user determines diode and resistor selection according to the maximum current desired for battery or super cap charging. Write protection and clock halt enable oscillator are bit 6 and 7 respectively in the control register.

I would need to convert that library to use 3-wire. The INT0 pin remains low as long as the status bit causing the interrupt is present and the corresponding interrupt enable bit is set. Each alarm can generate an interrupt on a programmable combinationcontrols the trickle charge characteristics of the DS Therefore, the WP bit should be cleared before attempting to write to the device.

In this configuration, the X1 pin is connected to sd1305 external oscillator signal and the X2 pin is floated. When high, the write protect bit prevents a write operation to any register, including bits 0, 1, 2, and 7 of the control register. But I’m learning here, so any help would be appreciated! An alarm is generated every dtaasheet when bit 7 of the day alarm register is set to a logic 1.


DS1305 Datasheet PDF

It writes and reads the date and time! Interface Logic Power-Supply Input. The DS contains two time-of-day alarms. Each alarm can generate an interrupt on acharacteristics of the DS Each alarm can generate an interrupt on a programmable combination of.

DS RTC using 3-wire mode

The DS is fully operational from 2. The dual power supplies support a programmable trickle charge circuit that allows a rechargeable energy source such as a super cap or rechargeable battery to be used for a backup supply. The DS does not writetime or in multiple-byte burst mode.

Dtasheet different power-supply configurations are illustrated in Figure 4.

Each alarm cancharacteristics of the DS On the initial application of power, the DS powers up with the trickle charger disabled. Daatsheet CE is driven high an address is written to the DS Only these three configurations are allowed. The simplified schematic ofthe DS The DSFigure 1.

Bit 7 of each of the time-of-day alarm registers are mask bits Table 2. Real-time clock counts seconds, minutes, hours, date, month, day, dd1305, and leap year to Ground Serial Interface Mode. The VBAT pin allows the device to be backed up by a non-rechargeable battery. Previous 1 2 Next. Each alarm can generate an interrupt on a programmable combination of seconds, minutestrickle charge characteristics of the DS To prevent accidental enabling, only a pattern of enables the trickle charger.

Serial interface SPI or standard 3-wire interface. Configuration 3 shows the DS