This command is not supported on DS models. commitflash Use this command to run DS CLI commands in the interactive, single-shot, or script mode. If that connection fails, the DS CLI attempts to connect to an existing DS® port with the legacy certificate. If the second attempt also fails, the DS CLI. Complete this task to configure the DS system for use with the Tivoli Storage Productivity Center Replication Manager using the DS command-line interface.

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The Local Server connection column displays a green checked dot and the word “Connected” when the connection has been made. Ethernet cards two per storage image must be installed. The chvolgrp command modifies a volume group name and volume members. The rmuser command removes a basic user account. The lsuser command returns a list of basic user account names and access authority levels.

You can only copy a policy within the same storage complex. The chhostconnect command modifies a SCSI host port configuration. The commitflash command is used as part of the recovery from a disaster scenario to complete a partially formed Global Mirror consistency group. The setplex command allows you to modify the storage complex settings. The letters within the password value must be entered as caps otherwise the login fails.

This command processes the password requirements for the, and systems. The rmarray command deletes arrays.

The rmgmir command ends Global Mirror processing for the specified session. The mkipsec command creates an Internet Protocol Security IPSec connection on the DS system by importing fli configuration file that contains a connection definition to the hardware management console HMC.


Dw8000 rmhostconnect command removes a SCSI host port connection from a storage image. The lskeygrp command displays a list of the key server encryption key group entries on the specified storage image.

The mkpprc command establishes a remote mirror and copy formerly PPRC relationship for a volume pair. The lsperfrescrpt command displays a list of performance reports for a given resource or set of resources of a given type.

You can specify cs8000 array sites if you are working with a DS machine type, but you can specify only one array site for a DS machine type. The commitremoteflash command sends data to a target volume to form a consistency between the remote source and target FlashCopy pair.

The lsauthpol command displays a list of all vs8000 authentication policies on the storage complex. The showsestg command displays a detailed properties report of the space-efficient storage of an individual extent pool.

The lsextpool command displays a list of extent pools in a storage unit and status information on each extent pool in the list.

DSCLI – DS8000 Command Line Interface program Download

The offloadss DS command copies state information from nodes to the destination directory on a management node. The showplex DS command displays detailed properties of a storage complex. Tn identifies the port number. This ID is not the unit number.

List of commands

The resumepprc command resumes a remote mirror and copy formerly PPRC relationship for a volume pair. The rmresgrp command removes a resource group object on a storage image. The setremoteflashrevertible command modifies a remote FlashCopy ss8000 pair that is part of a FlashCopy relationship to revertible. The chsu command modifies a storage unit.


The chsi command modifies a storage image. You can use this command to look at the status of each device adapter ds8000 the list. The showsi command displays detailed properties of a storage image.

This is a complete list of the command-line interface commands, alphabetized by command name. The showresgrp command displays detailed properties of a resource group. This requirement equates to entering the command twice for a single SFI machine, or either twice or four times for a dual-SFI machine depending on whether the cards are installed for both SFIs or not. The mksestg command creates space-efficient storage in an existing extent pool.

List of commands

The offloadauditlog command provides an activity report for a console identified as smc1 or smc2. The diagsi command is an administrative utility command that a user with administrator or service operator authority can use for nonroutine diagnostic dw8000.

The setvpn command starts or ends an outbound virtual private network connection VPN. The lsss command is used by a DS user to find previously created offloaded statesave files that are ready to send to IBM. Values for the -ipaddr-subnetand -gateway parameters are required.

IBM DS Series Version 8 Release 5 Command-Line Interface User’s Guide – United States

You can issue this command on either the master storage unit or on any of the subordinate storage units. Dx8000 freezepprc command creates a new remote mirror and copy consistency group. The reverseflash command reverses the FlashCopy relationship.