This is an account of how an angry young man can cross the line that divides theoretical support for violence from a state of ‘killing rage’, in which the murder of . EAMON COLLINS, who met a violent death on a road at Newry, Co In the book Killing Rage, Mr Collins described in detail how he. Police at the scene of Eamon Collins’ murder Collins detailed his life in the IRA in the critically acclaimed book Killing Rage, which explained.

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It’s very difficult to honestly investigate our motivations and esmon as our beliefs change, and this book does it better than any other I’ve read. This was one of my most anticipated IRA reads.

Killing Rage by Eamon Collins

Despite what I think about Collins, I believe this an important book to read because of current threats with terrorism that we face today. The writing was not the best and the story itself was not extremely gripping. At the same time in the media he called for the re-introduction of Internment after the Omagh bombing for those continuing to engage in such acts; [17] published newspaper articles openly denouncing and ridiculing the fringe Real IRA’s attempts to re-ignite paramilitary warfare in Ulster, alongside publicly analyzing his own past role in such activity, and the damage that it had caused on a personal and social level to the eaomn communities of Ulster.

Jan 29, Karen Garrett rated it liked it. Jan 14, Cynthia rated it liked it.

Peter Taylor, a British journalist who covered the Troubles for decades, noticed this too. Around this time Collins had ragge confrontation with Gerry Adams at the funeral of an IRA man killed in a failed bombing over how to deal with the funeral’s policing, where Collins accused Adams a being a “Stick” a derogatory slang term among IRA supporters for activists among it who were considered lacking sincerity in their commitment to its cause.

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A thought-provoking glimpse into the psyche of the IRA movement told by an ex-IRA soldier, who in the end discovers he’s got more in common with his enemy than he could have had ever imagined. He agreed, and was in consequence transferred by the authorities to the Irish paramilitary wing of the prison. Retrieved 7 September One of the most intriguing books I’ve ever read, and it was by someone who was directly responsible for dozens of deaths.


To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. If you really listen to their accounts, there’s something qui What’s amazingly rare about this book is the way the author takes personal responsibility for his role in the savagery of the Collkns.

Eamon Collins murder: police arrest man in South Armagh | UK news | The Guardian

The Killing of Ivan Toombs. Took a while to read this one.

He had received repeated death threats from republicans and it is believed Provisional IRA members from south Armagh murdered him. It’s not about how the army could jam detonator frequencies. Jan 07, Thedailyloaf rated it it was amazing Shelves: Collins detailed his life in the IRA in the critically acclaimed book Killing Rage, which explained how he set up work colleagues for assassination.

If you pick up a book on an IRA operative, you expect it to be graphic in details. When you get to the end you’ll want to read it again.

The Army were not a side. It was only a matter oilling time, surely, before one of these animals got annoyed with him. When the Australian TV personality Steve Irwin died, having been stung by a stingray, it was very sad.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. He committed suicide not long ago. The Police Service of Northern Ireland PSNI has confirmed that a year-old man was arrested at his house in the border town on Tuesday and is being questioned eaon connection with the killing.

You may not come away liking Eamon Collins very much, but hopefully you can find something to admire about his willingness to let you dislike him ragee the cause he once believed in.

It’s about that tired, yet truthful maxim: He was so badly injured that he was unrecognisable and police at first thought he had been hit by a car.

The Sickly Smell of Success. The account takes the reader on the full journey from idealist revolutionary to disillusionment This book is a well written and insightful account of a man’s journey from someone with hardened revolutionary ideals to one who has become disillusioned with armed struggle. This is definitely not one of the best memoirs to have come out of the Troubles.


After his exile Collins moved to Dublin and squatted for a while in a deserted flat in the impoverished Ballymun area of the city. They join after getting politicised and then radicalized.

Even when they murdereing innocents-they still believed in the cause and that made sense. He turned his back on the organization in the late s and was stabbed and beaten to death most likely by I. Although the IRA had already said that he would be killed if he lived north of Drogheda in the Republic, it seemed that they turned a blind eye for some years as he insisted on living in Newry not far from where he grew up.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Aug 13, Jurgen Maerschand rated it really liked it.

Killing Rage

Obviously, it is a profoundly depressing read, not least because Collins was beaten to death presumably by IRA, although it’s never been confirmed two years after the book was published. He is no saint, yet he’s no devil. Oct 10, Randall rated it it was amazing. He also incurred the wrath of South Armagh republicans by giving evidence against Thomas “Slab” Colins in a Dublin libel trial.

Eamon Collins murder: police arrest man in South Armagh

Collins has this deeper level of backtracking that just put me off. Killing Rage by Eamon Collins. However, after an appeal from his wife who remained an IRA supporter, and on receiving a message from the IRA delivered rae his brother on a visit to the prison, Collins colins retracted his evidence, in return for which he was given a guarantee of safety by the IRA provided he consented to being debriefed by it.