The Overview page is the front page of this API document and provides a list of all packages with a summary for each. This page can also contain an overall. Switches all registered mock objects (more exactly: the controls of the mock objects) to replay mode. For details, see the EasyMock documentation. Why. Great testing includes isolation. Most parts of a software system do not work in isolation, but collaborate with other parts to get their job done. In a lot of.

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Many bugs exist in dependent libraries and in the interactions easymoxk one method and the methods it calls. It is extremely easy to use and makes writing the unit tests a breeze – great job! The annotation has an optional element, ‘type’, to refine the mock as a ‘nice’ mock or a ‘strict’ mock.

Creates a control, order checking is disabled by default, and the mock objects created by this control will return 0documentatin or false for unexpected invocations. However, I don’t need an additional test for this.

However, I make setDocumentLocator optional by invoking. And you want me to be happy. Two reasons are known for someone to do that: Currently supported properties are:.

To turn it on, call EasyMock.

EasyMock Tutorial

If you were testing an XML parser, you’d want to feed in documents and verify that the parser called the right methods in ContentHandler in the right order. By placing assertions inside the mock code, you can essymock that the code under test is passing the correct arguments to its collaborators at the right time.


The IncomeCalculator class should be tested.

Listing 8 uses EasyMock. Comments Sign in or register to add and subscribe to comments. I hate useless interfaces.

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To test a unit in isolation or mount a sufficient environment, we have to simulate the collaborators in the test. Not only is it well crafted and easy to use. Fork me on GitHub. Unchecked exceptions that is, RuntimeExceptionEasymokc and all their subclasses can be thrown from every method. Before ; import org.

It can also check that the input is what it’s supposed to be. For specifying return values, we wrap the expected call in expect T value and specify the return value with the method andReturn Object returnValue on the object returned by expect T value.

Dierk Koenig, Canoo AG. Expects a short array that is equal to the given array, i. If code isn’t tested, it’s broken. You can throw any kind of exception you like — checked, runtime, or error — as long as the method signature supports it. Our first test should check whether the removal of a non-existing document does not lead to a notification of the collaborator.

For that you should do something like. Class Mocking Limitations To be coherent with interface mocking, EasyMock provides a built-in behavior for equalstoStringhashCode and finalize even for class mocking.


EasyMock Tutorial

There is one error that we have not handled so far: The answer is mock objects. Instead of defining eqException with a Throwable as parameter and return value, we use a generic type that easmyock Throwable: However, it’s a deliberately short example for the purpose of an article.

It also enhances communication in the TestCase for it exposes documentatioh expected calls on the MockObject right where you need it. All used matchers should be easymocj all genuine EasyMock ones are Recorded parameters should also be serializable Multithreading During recording, a mock is not thread-safe. Unexpected method call documentAdded “New Document”: IncomeCalculator ; import com.

When you use matchers in a call, you have to specify matchers for all arguments of the method call. Behavior A second test Let us write a second test.

Expects a byte argument less than the given value. The following comparison will take place: This is especially helpful for testing extremely unlikely conditions out-of-memory error or class def not found, for example or conditions that indicate virtual machine bugs such as no UTF-8 character encoding available.