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Measurement of nursing time. J Am Geriatr Soc.

Addressing concerns in legislation. Panaroma de la fuerza de trabajo de enfermeria en America Latina. With advance in research, the Nursing Activities Score NAS was created, which seeks to analyze the needs of nursing care in intensive care, the daily evolution of patients according to the nursing activities that in the most recent versions includes actions like support and assistance to family members, patients, and administrative and management tasks; also, the NAS expresses the percentage of time dedicated by a nursing professional in direct care to critical patients in the Intensive Care Unit ICU during 24 pfnsamiento.

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Additionally, it is an object of social transformation to improve the population’s health and the quality and coverage of healthcare services’. Policy Polit Nurs Pract. None Conflicts of interest: Among them, there are: Gaviria, 11 in the revision of the scientific evidence on the evaluation of care, confirms how nursing care requires adequate and suitable personnel, financial and technological resources, as well as definition of the processes and functions as appropriate matters to achieve high-quality results, which are free of risks.

Also, satisfaction of nursing personnel, permanent education, development of levels of autonomy and recognition, as well as incentives policies are currently essential in health management. The effects of nurse to kerokac ratios. Reviewing the benefits of health workforce stability.


Minimum keroyac ratios in acute care hospitals in California. Planning of the nursing human talent is part of the complexity and uncertainty of healthcare services and is within the challenge of responding to the needs of human beings within the global, national, and local contexts.

However, consensus has not been reached with respect to this process, but it is concluded that it is a policy action that requires regulation, investigation, and group work by nursing to make caregiving visible and legitimate as a public service that maintains pensamineto and health and which also favors and mitigates processes of disease and death faced by human beings. Contradicting fears, California’s nurse-to-patient mandate did not reduce the skill level of the nursing workforce in hospitals.

In this sense, they state that an inadequate number of personnel can cause a lower adhesion to the practices to control the infection. Additionally, in his most recent work, the author highlights the value of the staff models of personnel linked to the results obtained in patients and to the combination the personnel’s skills and to their retention to guarantee their stability.

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Buchan J, Ball J. While the systematic review of studies related to planning of nursing personnel has not been exhausted, it is revealed that incentives policies have been earmarked in recent years to evidencing the effects on the quality of care. Baumann 28regarding the repercussions of the rotation of nurses and the benefits of greater stability of nursing personnel, considers it important to have lower personnel rotation, analyze the high costs the rotation of nurses has had for organizations and the effects on the quality of care.

Decision making for nurse staffing: In this sense, research coincides in evidencing that nursing personnel is fundamental to guarantee quality and that it is possible to achieve better health levels of the population in general if there is higher training, retention, and maintenance of adequate numbers of nursing personnel. Other concerns from research are related to stimuli and healthcare of the nurses. Evaluating the impact of a new pay system on nurses in the UK.


Minnick and Mion 3 affirm, through an investigation, that the results of studies on nursing work have had different definitions, variants and methodological approaches, which is why in many instances the conclusions are contradictory as of the difficulties given by the information systems and the composition of databases, personnel assignment strategies, and design of analytical techniques.

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An approach is undertaken of the concepts and methodologies concerning the planning of the nursing personnel required to respond to the care needs of individuals, families, and groups. September 19 th Additionally, half of those working with the normal Schedule had marked deterioration of the working conditions, wnfermero that a good proportion of them were hired through job cooperatives. Some of these policies include: How to cite this article.

This is reasonably more profitable and is, enfrmero, the most accepted. At the same time, it must be the foundation for the legislation of the nurse-patient coefficient.

Planning the required nursing personnel to respond to care needs. McGillis Hall L, editor.