The Age of Revelation, Or, The Age of Reason Shewn to be an Age of Infidelity. by Elias Boudinot. Publication date Topics divine, author. The Age of Revelation has 8 ratings and 1 review. Samuel said: Boudinot wrote this response to Thomas Paine’s Age of Reason disappointed Elias Boudinot. A PEOPLE WHO MEAN TO BE THEIR OWN GOVERNORS MUST. ARM THEMSELVES WITH THE POWER WHICH KNOWLEDGE GIVES. THE AGE OF.

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But how does the unbeliever better himself, by the denial of revelation, and flying to his religion of nature? Do the advocates of the Christian system, at this day expect to know the great truths of their holy religion, by immediate inspiration, while they acquire the knowledge of every art and science, relative to human things, by laborious investigation?

These objectors find it difficult to submit to the faith of the gospel, because many elais are above their reason; while they continually exercise the same principle in temporal things, which are subject, in one respect or another, to the like predication, in almost every action of their lives. He tells you eliae he firmly believes that there is an eternal almighty first cause, and that this is fully proved by all the works of creation and Providence around him.

As noted in Rehnquist’s dissent, James Madison deserved much of the credit for the kf expressed in the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause prohibiting establishment of religion and Free Exercise Clause requiring government to allow the free exercise of revleation. Congressman for New Jersey.

Yet, notwithstanding elisa explicit declaration of the person and character of this glorious personage, fo Talmud of the Jews informs us, “That, when the Messiah shall appear, he shall be acknowledged only by a small number of the Jews in comparison with the whole peopleand shall be rejected by the bulk of the nation: This becomes a warning to all intelligences, to avoid o evil of sin; and therefore it is for the good of the whole, and founded in benevolence to beings in general, that the obstinate and unbelieving sinner is perished.

Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. Initially, it was written to his daughter to bolster her Christian faith, but he later expanded it for a general readership. Travis Fasko is currently reading it Sep 26, His invisible perfections are clearly seen by the visible creation; yea, his eternal power and godhead, by the things that are made; wherefore they are inexcusable, because having known God, they did not glorify him, nor were they thankful, but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish hearts were darkened; and fancying themselves wise, they became so stupid, as to change the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man.


Do you bouinot the same object?

The Age of Revelation, Or, The Age of Reason Shewn to be an Age of Infidelity

Maurice, whose invaluable work I am reading while this is printing, has so advantageously set before the public view, it appears that even the Cross has been had in great reverence from time immemorial, among the nations of the east, though they have not preserved the original design of it.

If mankind were found in a state of perfect rectitude and innocence, free from all the dreadful consequences of sin and iniquity, such an assertion might be made with more propriety. In these oracles we find such singular expressions as these: Return to Book Page. The conclusion of our author’s observation, “that the way to God, is open to every man alike,” is equally unfounded, on his own principles and representation. These doctrines must have greatly prevailed, by the addition of Jacob and his family to the inhabitants of Egypt.

This shews not only a wicked and perverse temper of mind, but a degree of forward and indecorous pertinacity, that ought not to be countenanced by any lover of mankind.

Abraham retained the knowledge and worship of the true God, amidst all the idolatry of his country, and at last separated himself and family from the contagion of their example, by removing into a distant land, not before inhabited.

This has been verified in the lives and conduct of thousands, and thousands in every age of the church. Surely that of the Christian church is ate to be found in the New-Testament.

The Age of Revelation: Elias Boudinot: : Books

If these circumstances did not constitute the Apostles the most proper historians to record the life, actions and doctrines of their master, and do not operate as a strong confirmation of the facts they relate, I know not what human testimony, can amount to proof: Let that word abide in you richly — become your daily companion, under every circumstance of life; “the man of your council, a lamp to your paths, and a light to your feet.

He set out his Christian viewpoint in The Age of Revelation excerpted belowwhich was a pamphlet, written as a letter to his daughter into uphold Christian beliefs and to refute Thomas Paine’s pamphlet The Age of Reason which advocated “the religion of nature” and sought to discredit the accuracy and infallibility of the Bible.

Several other valuable answers have appeared, each containing many important arguments on the subject; and as many of them as have come to my hands, have been perused, and though much pleased and edified with most of them, I have not been entirely satisfied with them, as applicable to the youth of our country, and those whose opportunities have not been so advantageous, as to guard them against the sophistry of art, cunning, and an inbred hatred of every thing sacred and holy.

It will appear that Mahomet copied much of his scheme from them, to make it palatable to those he meant to attach to his interests, which is a strong argument in favour of the Mosaic and Christian systems.


The Christian system, grounded on fhe religion of the Jews, so odious to the whole agr of Gentiles, opened a new scene to mankind.

And the second declares, that he himself has seen that name thus invariably characterized in all the ancient Hebrew manuscripts of the Old-Testament in the Vatican. He preached to the Brahmins, the doctrines of meekness and benevolence. The express declarations of Omniscience, as contended by the friends of prophecy, are fast fulfilling.

While you are cumbered about many things, never forget, that one thing is needful, and choose that good part, which shall not be taken from you.

Catalog Record: The age of revelation. Or, The age of reason | Hathi Trust Digital Library

They therefore did not enter Judea in a secret manner, or make a mystery of their mission. By this means churches were founded in the most famous cities then in the world, and men of all ranks, stations and characters, were brought by the force of these facts, to acknowledge the faith as it was in Jesus.

We hear of the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob — of Aaron and of David, but never of the seed of any woman, but that of the Virgin Mary, the mother of our Lord according to the flesh. He surely has never taken the pains regelation read, with attention, the narration which he thus attempts to contradict; and thereby he is deceiving the young and unlearned reader, in matters of serious importance to his best interests.

Parsons, in his Remains of Japhet, has given a curious explanation of a Siberian medal, in the cabinet of the late empress of all the Russias, found in an old ruined chapel, near the river Kemptschyk, contained in a memoir of Col. Amazon Restaurants Teh delivery from local restaurants.

On one side of this extraordinary medal is a representation of the Deity, with three heads and one body, evidently designed to convey the notion of a Trinity in unity. English Choose a language for shopping. Maurice says, “From the whole of the preceding statement, it must be evident to every reader, that the Brahming are no strangers to the doctrine esteemed absurd in some Christian countries, but admitted by the Brahmins from time immemorial, that of original sin. From the fear of this tyrant, he was fostered in Mattra, by an honest herdsman, and passed his innocent hours in rural diversions at his foster father’s farm.