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While comparing it to those of the EU countries, being at a similar level of development, we may also notice that smaller fiscality is not only possible but also highly desirable.

Although this bizarre situation, which strikingly resembles a Gombrowicz novel, was swiftly sorted out, it received a great deal of media attention which presented it as yet another symptom of a broader problem — an unwielding Polish Tax Code.

Przed otwarciem rynku niemieckiego i austriackiego…. Surely the government is aware of these data, so how can it — as a rational actor — oblige people to give away more money to the state? Bill and Melinda Gates: Tego jednak nie zrobili. Rozpad zaufania i cynizm obywateli.

The economies of countries where the conditions for doing business are favorable, grow faster. Uniwersytet Przyrodniczy w Poznaniu.

Macron kontra Orbán! Najważniejsza debata w Europie

To nie jest inicjatywa populistyczna. Yes, the infamous drone will finally be put to constructive use. It is also central to scientific and technological innovation and experimentation, and therefore also central to economic progress, which has led to the great explosion in human welfare we have seen over the last two centuries. Eliminating civil law contracts: For the purpose of the researching part, a survey among people purchasing noble markets was used.


The decision of the Polish government to approve the program of nuclear power for Poland is the only logical answer to the necessity of building low emission energy sources which produce electricity at stable and low price.

This is a radically different picture from the misrepresentation of the AFL-CIOs data report, which enthusiastically takes a group of outliers to draw conclusions from.

Poczytajcie, obejrzyjcie!

Przed mundialem w Rosji. Jan Tomasz Gross, Polska nieheroiczna, trzecia wina. And this is one of the major costs of the recently-approved changes.

One of the ensuing consequences would be an increase in the cost of labor. Although the opponents of nuclear power have always claimed that nuclear power plants are too expensive, today these NPPs provide cheap energy to all countries.

Time for changes in the Polish tax system See everyone as an ideological friend. However, to reach this target it is necessary to have cheap energy.

Robert Gwiazdowski (Author of Emerytalna katastrofa i jak się chronić przed jej skutkami)

Active aging – a privilege or an obligation? Co gorsze dr hab. Po co nam Obrona Terytorialna? What should be changed in the Polish tax system?

However, introducing changes in the pension funds alone will only temporarily solve the public finance crisis. The Infona portal uses cookies, i. Czy demokracja wygra z Internetem? Po zamachu na Skripala. First of all, it is possible that some companies would have been created even without publicly-funded loan subsidies.


According to recent data, the mode wage in Poland is roughly PLN 2, gwiazdowaki the employment rate has not increased, despite a slight drop in unemployment CSO, The German industry is losing its competitive edge and many companies declare that they will move their facilities to other countries with lower electricity prices.

O szlifowaniu polskiego oka. High contrast On Off. We therefore need to ask ourselves whether employers will still consider it profitable to hire people. Od Kijowa do Caracas. Wealth is not found in nature; it must be created, and this is precisely the role of businesses and entrepreneurs.

Assign yourself or invite other person as author. At the same time, the emissions of CO2 — which should have been reduced by the introduction of renewable energy — have increased! II wojna polsko-polska trwa? The gwiiazdowski companies can potentially use noble metals in typically protective products as well as in saving.

Polityka gospodarcza PiS-u — co nas czeka? Here are a few facts: