Abstract. This document is based on the original SQ80 Service Manual, which turned out to be hard to get. I was lucky getting a copy from. The (E)SQ synthesizers aswell as Ensoniq’s first sampler (which was a great .. fail and you need to reformat it manually (see for details). View and Download ENSONIQ SQ user manual online. cross wave. SQ Synthesizer pdf manual download.

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If a unit has shields, make sure to put them back in. Display Problems Units with serial numbers less than have a higher chance of having their glass fluorescent display broken during transport. Remove the two seres and nuts that secure the power supply to the case.

Pitch and mod manula and plenty of front-panel buttons and a few sliders make accessing and editing fairly easy and hands-on. Remove the metal shields from the unit. Display information to the Main Board is processed through the keyboard so what might appear to be a frozen display could instead be a bad keyboard.

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ENSONIQ SQ-80 User Manual

Test the unit to make sure the keyboard is working properly. These waveforms include multi-sampled transient attack waves such as violin bow, plectrum picks, mallet, hammer, breath attacks and percussive sounds.

The function of this plate is to keep the pin rippon cable from interfering with the disk drive motor. If mannual the readings are off, then it is most likely that there is a problem with the main board. When manaul, install an identical replacement drive. Test the unit and then close the front panel. Note that there are lock washers on the inside only. As for playing the SQ, it is a dream! Remove the ten screws that attach the keyboard to the manuap.


Remove the six seres that fasten the metal main board shield of present to the case and keyboard frame.


Disconnect pin connectors Jl, J2, J3 and J4 from the power supply board. Remove the keyboard and metal main board shield see Appendix C. The Panasonic uses the first and second standoffs for its mounting holes counting from the front of the wheel cover and the Sony uses the first and the third. Appendix A Replacing the Main Board 1. Make sure the power is off! Return the unit to an upright position. This wire ensured a good ground in the event that the main board ground screw hole was stripped.

Generally, the correct input level will fall in between the levels which yield the above messages.

Lots of treble boost or cut will distort the pulse waveforms on the tape. Failure to connect the wires to their poer post can lead to a potentioal shock hazard! On bootup the display appears intact and works, sort of displaying characters that are randomly related to the menu but are The entire disk esnoniq be good for successful formatting.

The foil shield should make contact with the bottom of the new line filter. This will avoid you having to replace the cable as well. Enosniq Appendix K for more details on how to install this ferrite bead.

Remove the metal shielding from the unit.


And they can be saved to disk along with any patches you’ve created and any SysEx Midi data. The latest software versions are 1. This work-around just changes the order in which the three buttons are pressed.

Replace the four seres ensobiq attach the metal main board shield if present to the keyboard bottom shield. A con- sistently dead key would indicate a keyboard problem.

Disconnect the harness from the main board, from the keypad display board and from the pwoer supply. Accessories and Parts from Syntaur.

There is a printed label covering the disk drive on every new unit shipped. If the display is found to be defective, be careful when removing it. There are also 5 sampled drum sets. In this mode, the display remains blank until you press the buttons on the front panel. Shields If the keyboard you are replacing has a keyboard shield on the bottom see figure for location and the replacement keyboard does not, remove 5 6 CHAPTER 1.

Full text of “Ensoniq: Ensoniq SQ80 Service Manual”

LFO – Up to 3 per voice – can route to pitch, amp, filter, pan. Oscillators – 24 osc. Use a tyrap to keep the ferrite bead as close to the power supply connector Jl as maual. The following information details these differences. The SQ80 should be connected in stereo to a sound system. The tempo should decrease. When replacing the disk drive, it is important to transfer this metal plate to the new drive.