Equus [Peter Shaffer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An explosive play that took critics and audiences by storm, Equus is Peter Shaffer’s. Get all the key plot points of Peter Shaffer’s Equus on one page. From the creators of SparkNotes. This one-page guide includes a plot summary and brief analysis of Equus by Peter Shaffer. Equus is a play by English playwright Peter Shaffer. Focusing .

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You just have to be aware of it.

Unlike stage productions, where the horses are portrayed by human actors, often muscular men wearing tribal-style masks, [6] Lumet did not believe this could adequately be done in a film version, concluding a degree of realism was required, “because the reality he [Alan] was being watched in was going to create the dilemma within him.

I actually wrote an essay on this play as a favour to a girlfriend years ago. Sir Peter Shaffer, British playwright of considerable range who moved easily from farce to the portrayal of human anguish.

Caught between the dullness of modern society and the horror of human passion, Dysart stares out into the darkness, utterly ambivalent. The task of discovering why hsaffer to a middle aged psychiatrist who is dealing with his own midlife issues. Branagh’s version of Henry V is pretty good–I doubt I’d have been as involved in a dry reading of the script although ‘We equsu few It’s overwhelmingly male, and intellectual shock in is now what makes mainstream theater look like theater.

Peter Shaffer wanted to make elaborate theatre – and he succeeded | Stage | The Guardian

Alan, however, cannot consummate the act because his mind is consumed by thoughts of Equus. Jer ko Uzeh ovo da me malo drmne od dugih knjiga koje sam naredjao.


So I’ll always have a special place in my heart for this play.

Dysart is tasked with treating Alan because he is believed to be suffering from some sort of deep psychological disturbance. Sep 20, Ali rated it it was amazing. Feb 16, daydreamer rated it liked it Shelves: Until the resolution of the play in its final scenes, the narrative engages one like a detective story might–what was the motivation behind this crime?

Alan’s mind warps God, horses, religion and its iconography into a garbled mush that makes his actions and reactions extreme. A court magistrate, Hesther Saloman, visits Dysart, believing that he has the skills to help Alan come to terms with what he did. Those who have a wider background in such things are probably well aware of this play–it won a Tony Award in for best play and best direction, and there was also a film adaptation in but I knew nothing about it before picking it up on a whim at some discard sale; the back cover description sounded interesting and I keep an eye out for unusual dramatic works.

And one could say that by concentrating on the resolution to the boy’s story, when all along it is really about the doctor’s existential crisis is missing the point, and I would agree, but unfortunately the two are intertwined, and I felt that the one impinged on the other.

It’s fine, turns out, is theatrical in the sense that it’s hard to grasp the impact of several scenes without staging. The original text plus a side-by-side modern translation of every Shakespeare play. Thank You for Your Contribution! A Bibliography — Retrieved 5 April Dec 15, Althea J. Numerous other issues inform the narrative. We are all psychologically abnormal in a way or another.

I’ve re-read this numerous times since my junior year of high school; however, the last time was probably about a decade ago.


Equus by Peter Shaffer

Shaffer was educated petdr St. Yet even this expert middlebrow entertainment — which ran for two years in the West End and a year on Broadway — dealt in stark dualities between characters and concepts: However, Alan breaks this off when he hears the horses making noises in the stables beneath, which he decides is the reason for his inability to get an erection. Mar 08, Nethaniel Martinez rated it it was ok. I’d love to shaffef it performed. The first and second published editions of Amadeus have almost completely different second acts.

Peter Shaffer wanted to make elaborate theatre – and he succeeded

Guide written by Becca Ballenger. If you prefer to suggest your own revision of the article, you can go to edit mode requires login. A couple Saturdays ago I pulled it down to read. He then set out to construct a fictional account of what might have caused the incident, without knowing any of the details of the crime.

However the play only equsu his sexual orientation in a flashback to his childhood encounter with the horse and its rider, who are cast in specifically sexual terms.

I pictured him as Alan as I read it but I bet his performance was phenomenal. To ask other readers questions about Equusplease sign up. Contact our editors with your feedback.

To remove the disturbance would be to remove the passion as well, and without this passion, Alan would have very little left of himself.