Für magische Momente – Pollux, der kompakte Strahler für den vielseitigen Einsatz. LED projector spotlight. Integrated electronic control gear, switchable. Optical system with lens for the projection of hard-edged beams or contour. The Pollux product range solves a diversity of lighting tasks running the gamut from accentuation through to light effects produced by gobos.

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For uniform vertical illuminance, the distance pollhx of Pollux lens wallwashers from the wall should be around one third of the room height h. RBM Noor 4-leg Flokk. You can change this default setting. There was an error displaying the form. ERCO Newsletter – inspiring projects, new products and fresh lighting knowledge.

Features search Specify the technical requirements to find the right luminaires. Do not show this again. Over time, as the efficiency of LED sources will rise so the lumen output figures will increase. Zoom oval Zoom spot. Light Guide We have summarised our broad planning and design expertise in architectural lighting for you. You have collected pollxu in your watchlist.

In order to match Pollux even more efficiently to your project requirements, further variants are available on request in addition to the series configuration. The object is modelled without distorting the effect as a result of excessive shadowing.

73302.000 POLLUX LED contour spotlight for ERCO track system

You can gladly send us an E-Mail or ask your question here. This seems too large for cabinet fixing and would seem to limit the applications to ceiling mounted projects. Please contact the consultant team in the following ERCO office: Your browser does not support accepted web standards.


Community — light for public buildings. David Morgan takes a look at one of the products that will be on display. As a special highlight, Pollux also includes contour spotlights with LED. With high lumen packages, the luminaires produce strong brightness contrasts in exhibitions. We recommend that you udate your browser to a more recent version.

The oval zoom is suitable for linear works of art.

Purveyor to the court of the British royal house. Lens wallwashers For uniform vertical illuminance, the distance a of Pollux lens wallwashers from the wall should be around one third of the room height h. Direct message to us. Very narrow to wide beam, rotationally symmetrical light distribution for accent lighting.

The optical technology eliminates spill light on the ceiling and ensures excellent visual comfort and magic light. Vertical illuminance for brightening and dividing the space. Review of current awards. Using the framing attachment, their sharp-edged beam can be adjusted to suit the format of images and objects in the room or on the wall.

ERCO individual Project-specific product solutions. By using this website you consent to the use poplux cookies.

ERCO LED Pollux range

Pantrac Luminaires for track. Shop — light for worlds of shopping. The Harp Bar music venue, Belfast. As a result fascinating effects can be created where pictures appear to illuminate from within. There does not appear to be a lock on the shutter blades but, since periodic relamping is not an issue for LED spotlights, the need for this is much reduced.


Polluc object is modeled without distorting the effect as a result of excessive shadowing. Cantax Luminaires for track. Their LED technology ensures high efficiency and eroc all the criteria of individual, precise illumination. These include, for example: Optec Luminaires for track. Please contact the consultant team in the following ERCO office: Churrascaria Ambiente Brasileiro, Prague. Lens wallwashers Asymmetrical light distribution for highly uniform wallwashing. Do you need further information?

Opton Luminaires for track. I wish to request a quotation. I assume this figure relates to the light output from the LED rather than from the complete luminaire as there must be significant losses through the projector optics.


Send request Data protection. Contemplation — light for sacral buildings. Our contents are shown to you in English. Stories Be inspired by news about our products, awards, themes and trends. Contemplation — light for sacral buildings. Career Summary Junior Recruitment Vacancies.