Often referred to simply as Erdnase (or even The Bible), is an extensive book on the art of sleight of hand published in by S. W. Erdnase, a pseudonymous. One of the biggest thing in Magic at the moment is Erdnase x Madison. For those of you that don’t know, Daniel Madison has set out on a quest. The Expert at the Card Table: The Classic Treatise on Card Manipulation (Dover Magic Books) [S. W. Erdnase] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying.

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That being saidI think everyone here made a good point about why Erdnase is or isn’t all that. The thing about Madison being caught and stuff also adds to the discussion. Should it be recommended to beginners, or viewed only as an historical text? Retrieved from ” https: But we’ve moved past it. Expert at the Card Table by S.

The Magician and the Cardsharp: I’m sure it is a great book. Dai Vernon was most famous for his intense study of this work, and maybe that says something about the book.

Ezpert book is still the bible of erddnase ‘mechanics,’ and as much a delight to read as it was in the early years of this century. I don’t know everythingbut I do know when I see a recurring pattern. Subscriptions Top Inventors 1. THere are a ton of things in here that are hidden and not commonly used. But besides the point of E x M, I’m talking more so of the book. Madison embraced the good with the bad in these responses.

Is Expert at the Card Table Worth Reading?

As a first in Ellusionist history, one of our team has received death threats. Magic has blown up and there are A LOT of options in terms of controls and tricks and teachers.


Do not hesitate buy it now expdrt enjoy.

It has been reprinted many times. What do you think? Assistants Clubs Conventions Exposure Stores.

Is The Expert at The Card Table really all that? | theory11 forums

But the BEST description of the pass is in here. I think Madison and Erdnase have a lot in common. Surprisingly, many who have declared themselves card magicians have not even picked up this book. Magic DVDs have been released by a several professional magicians, attempting to explain the techniques in Expert at the Card Table in more accessible ways and adding their own suggestions expery the methods.

The instruction is very difficult to understand. Today, when you order “Expert at the Card Table by S. He goes in depth on how to use his moves, and explains them clearly Furthur more and I know I am about to get a lot of hate for this erdnnase, I think The Expert at The Card Table isn’t even that good of a book unless you are specifically looking to become introduced to gambling moves. Despite all the controversy, the project shot to the top of our best-sellers list for this year and has received rave reviews It’s only been released for 6 days or so With over 8 hours of content and a year put into the concept, we were and are genuinely proud of what it’s become.

More than any other book on card magic, Expert at the card Table has played a central role in the training of magicians. Neither are that great but lots of people think otherwise.

This is the book that started it all for so many and one that Vernon not only mastered but talked about frequently. Erdnase, a supreme master of card manipulation, teaches card enthusiasts how to perform the dazzling tricks and sleights-many of them how own creations-that made him famous. Retrieved January 13, erdnasse ALl of it requires pristine practice and effort. Yes, my password is: The End by Rick.


I stayed true to reading it but found S. I talk better than Erdnaxe write. Like a lot of magic books, you are probably going to only use a few things, but don’t let that scare you away. Although the author did not renew the copyright, the book has remained in print sincealbeit small private printings on occasion. The reason is I’ve never put in the work the book requires to make it worthwhile.

If you really want to refine your card handling, and also get sage advice on presentation of magic, this book is a gem.

Is Expert at the Card Table Worth Reading?

Erdnasea pseudonymous author whose identity has remained a mystery for over a century. DominusDolorum and Gabriel Z. Why would so many publishing companies put out The Expert at the Card Tableis it for their health??

View our magic tricks index. Expert at the Card Table has remained in print since For saying that you are better than a book?

If you listen to the in depth Madison gave, he started by wanting to give an all out tribute to Erdnase, but realized he is probably skilled enough to teach it. Sep 13, Messages: I mean, can you even compare to to Card College, or the Royal Road, or any major book out there?